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I don’t think there was ever a thread for this title. Well, it’s here now...7 years on!

I just started playing through this game for the second time. I recently beat Planet Robobot (I’ve had it since launch, I’m just slow to finish games).

Anywho, any diehard Kirby fans playing this again, like I am, because this game is awesome and totally better than Star Allies, lol



So I bought this game like 3 years ago? Didn't know what to think about it, just thought it was the 3DS Kirby that WASN'T the highly regarded Planet Robobot. And at first, I wasn't sure I was that into. But the more I played it, the more I liked it. Honestly it might be one of my favorite games in the series.

It doesn't seem like anything special at first, but to me this is what I wanted Return to Dreamland to be. I guess because the Superstar remake on DS was so well received, they decided to have the more combo focused abilities to be the norm for the series (compared to the far more limited copy abilities in other older Kirby games), and Return to Dreamland was clearly supposed to be the big Return to form for the series after being stuck on handhelds forever, relying on remakes and arguably meh games, barring spinoffs. But Return to Dreamland, despite everything good about it, always felt like the levels weren't always the best. I assume because it has to be both a multiplayer AND single player game, and the levels aren't always great for one or the other because of that. Another thing is that the music was done by the two main Kirby composers, one of which hadn't done a lot in the series in ages, and similarly the soundtrack isn't as strong as past games imo.

But then as I beat Triple Deluxe and especially after all the extra modes, it became apparent Triple Deluxe is EXACTLY what I wanted Return to Dreamland's single player to be. It was a real return to form, high quality, great Kirby game, exactly what I wanted. And as one of the only people who knows the names of the original Kirby composers (Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando), its been a real joy to see them still able to put out great songs. And that's all I really wanted.

Also the True Arena is nearly the only thing in a mainline Kirby game I've played that was too tough for me. Like I'm sure I could do it eventually, but I failed that quite a lot, even more than the one in Superstar Ultra.

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@kkslider5552000 this is exactly the kind of comment I was hoping to see because even coming off the well done Planet Robobot, I think this game has its own strengths that other Kirby games don’t quite have. The single player aspect does keep the levels tight and zippy unlike the multiplayer kirbys. It’s a beautiful looking game, especially with the 3D fore/background shifting. It’s definitely a high point for the series. I feel Star Allies was compromised by the AI multiplayer for my tastes.

The music in Triple Deluxe is also great. I didn’t know the individual composers, but there’s no mistaking this Kirby soundtrack for anything but



I got round to playing earlier this year. I've never actually played a Kirby game before so it was brand-new territory for me, and it felt like a good place to start.
It was odd, not like any other platformer I've played. Sometimes it was so easy I felt like I was playing a kid's game, other times it was slapping me harder than Shovel Knight or Castlevania. Overall I'd say I enjoyed it but I can't imagine replaying it anytime soon.

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