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So I've had my 3ds for almost almost 10 years and with its mixture of classic pokemon and Zelda it has to be my favourite system of all time.

With the fact that the software has dried up and it seems nintendo is laying the powerhouse handheld to rest, I was thinking about which games I should pick up before the eshop shuts down. I have played and finished a load of great games, both exclusives and ports/remakes. Mario 3d land, castlevania mirror of fate, resident evil revelations, link between worlds, heroes of ruin (great hidden gem), Shantae and the pirates curse(best shantae game) and many more. The games I just mentioned were either exclusives, timed exclusives or play best on 3ds (shantae is so much better with the 3d effect).

Then there's the ports/remakes; Zelda oot 3d, Zelda mm 3d, Pokemon blue/red, Super Mario Land 2, Zelda:links awakening, ect. The N64 zeldas and gb pokemon were literally my childhood so it's great to have them all together on one system. I wish nintendo wouldn't kill the 3ds, even though I know it's not as powerful as the vita or switch, the fact it's not as powerful should make it easier to develop for, so I don't know why nintendo doesn't let some younger developers create smaller experiences with it.

Anyway, despite playing the 3ds for so long I've never played fire emblem awakening and was wondering if it's as good as everyone says it is? I've played echoes (have the limited edition) and put about 10 hours into it. I did enjoy it but hit a difficulty spike and gave up. So what is awakening like? Is it worth downloading? I've heard so many good things.



@BongoBongo123 Short answer: yes, definitely. If you even remotely liked Echoes, then I'd say you almost owe it to yourself to also get/play Awakening.

In my personal opinion, even though the quality varies somewhat between all the various games, there really isn't one single Fire Emblem game that I could call bad or an inferior effort. I own Fire Emblem games on just about every Nintendo system out there, and they are all pretty entertaining games in their own right.

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Best Fire Emblem imo. Fairly similar to Echoes but MUCH more interesting maps. Better characters too.

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It's the only fire emblem I've managed to play to the end without losing interest, which I guess is a good sign.

There are a few difficulty spikes that come with the missions to recruit the children units, but you mostly only need to take the hint and return later with a better team. And don't be afraid of playing on easy or casual if you feel the game gets too annoying, these options are there to help you enjoy your time playing.

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@BongoBongo123 Awakening is one of the best in the Fire Emblem series! I dumped an easy 200+ hours into it! Lots of replayability! It's got a real solid story, lovable characters, and fun mechanics! And one of the silliest bugs in gaming history (you'll see, it's harmless but funny)

Honestly I wish they'd give it a coat of HD paint and port it to Switch and I'd happily dump another 200 hours into it. It's that good!

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