Topic: Is it possible to transfer system without NNID?

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So I recently just bought 3DS from my friend and I found out that it doesn't have any NNID attached to it, but has a lot digitally download games from eshop.
Meanwhile I Have my very own 3ds with an NNID attached to it, my questions are :
1. is it possible to perform system transfer from my friend 3DS to my 3DS without NNID? or do I have to create NNID on my friend 3DS first then transfer it to my 3DS?
2. what will happen to those digitally download games after I create the NNID ? will i still be able to download it after i successfully transfer it to my 3DS?

both are old 3ds and idk how but my friend able to purchase game without NNID.

I really need help for this as I've been looking for answer but none of it really answering my questions and it kinda sad if i had to lose all of 35 games on it T_T

thanks guys


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