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Recently I was looking into grabbing one of the Gen 7 games but don't know whether to get UltraSun/Moon
or just Sun/Moon
Could u guys share your opinions on which one is better?

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Honestly, I dislike the gen 7 games, but if you want to play them, USUM has more in terms of features, yet ruins the story itself. Sun and Moon has less features, but I heard people who like the game really like the story. Both games are extremely linear, and the story halts you every few minutes, never letting you breath though.

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@redpanda0310 really, I'd say it's up to you. If you don't care about the story, then get the one with more features, but if you care about the story, get the originals.

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@VoidofLight What other features do the Ultra games have?
Honestly I like my story in my Pokemon but I would want to know what Ultra adds.

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If you want experience both stories, original and enchanted, go for one original and one Ultra games, but if your budget is tight then it's your choice now which one to buy.

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@redpanda0310 Ultra adds new ultrabeasts, the Ultra wormhole mechanic that brings back past legendaries and lets you ride through ultra space, the mantine surf mechanic, and a few other things.

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@redpanda0310 : It's not really worth owning the original now that the Ultra versions are available. The Ultra games deviate only a little bit from the original storyline (it seems to be set in a slightly alternate timeline), but it contains more Pokémon in the Alola Pokédex, more story, a few new Pokémon, and other new features for your money.

If you play the original followed by an Ultra variant, you will likely be bothered by just how similar the two games are. The Ultra games aren't sequels like the Gen V games were; they're more of an alternate/extended cut not unlike the "third versions" of old (i.e. Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum), except this time, they have released them in two variants.

Stick with either of the Ultra games and ignore the originals. If, however, you suspect that you will enjoy playing them both, then spring for either Sun and Moon and then go for the opposite Ultra variant (either Sun/Ultra Moon or Moon/Ultra Sun) so that you will (more or less) have access to the version exclusives from both versions.

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In Ultra version, you can capture some legendary Pokemons from previous gen.

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I vote for ultra. Yes, story is bit different, but I don't think that it is worse. And I like gen 7 games. The beginning can be tedious, but it gets better.

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