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So I am really really excited for this game, I don't know why, but I am. It looks awesome. And I think my favourite part is getting the ultimate character set up. Just wish I didn't live in a Hick Town (our 'mall' is carpeted), then I could get more StreetPass tags.

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You played it?

Can't wait for it.


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I really hope this game is good. I want N-Space to finally live up to their potential.

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Nope haven't played it just read about it and seen trailers.


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changed the thread title — how can we have an 'impressions' thread already when the game isn't even out yet? :3

future of NL >:3
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The game itself looks something like a 7 in my opinion. But if the online play is convient, but more importantly, fun, this will be a day one purchase.

I'm hoping for a nice message system. Where you ca actually type out what you want to say (or have pre-set messages that you typed yourself).
Does anyone know how the online servers work? This couldn't be an entire world hosting some 100 players could it?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just found out you can only have 4 people at a time.

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Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


I'm looking forward to this game.



Looking pretty good so far, hopefully it gets better and better from here on out. Seen the trailers and screenshots and I think this could well be a day one purchase, along with online play and daily quests, it's not short on content.

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I've got a few questions regarding Heroes of Ruin. Do you guys think it will take advantage of the new "Join Game" firmware update? That would be sweet as it would streamline the experience more. Also can you voice chat with anyone you allow to join your game, or just friends?

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I'm sure the game will utilize "Join Game" functiom. As for voice chatting with strangers, nothing has been said about it but I don't doubt it, especially even on Wii some games allows u to voice chat with strangers like MH3 (you add them though), CoD and Conduit 2



I think every online game released following the update will have the functionality(I hope so anyway).

This game looks like my type of thing. Lots of replayability due to the randomly generated dungeons.

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I'll probably pick this game up (just for the online if it's good) and I don't know, this game reminds me of the old Dungeon siege game for PC and I loved that game (shame I lost the disc last year)

The only thing I hope they include is the ability to change the camera angle... that top down constantly would drive me crazy

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ill buy this game it get alot of thing to do in it

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the Metacritic site tells a release date of April the 3th 2012
you folk think this can be true ? All nintendo sites just say a vague 2012.
well in april would be awesome ....

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I remember reading somewhere that it was gonna release early 2012. I think it said Q1 2012 so I wouldn't be surprised if it was in April.
oh and I can't wait either

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This game looks pretty awesome, it has online drop in and drop out multiplayer. It also has voice chat while playing. DLC, add on content, over 80,000 weapons, and use Spotpass and Streetpass. Add me on your 3ds friend list if you plan on getting this game when it comes out. I will add you back. PM me too!

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Looks fun, but not sure if I'll get it. I have FF Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates for DS, which is a 4p dungeon crawler kind of like this one, which has a ton of great multiplayer content but overall the combat is a little bland. I'm worried since Heroes of Ruin looks like it might head down this path; Ring of fates had heaps and heaps of weapons but really little differentiation between them and your attacks were basically the same regardless. There was a skill system and a magic system, but at the end of the day the most effective way to defeat enemies was just to hit the attack button over and over.

after watching the trailer for Heroes, I think it might go either way. I don't think it'll be easy to gauge whether gameplay is going to be fun until it comes out. That being said, I'm still pretty stoked since if everything meshes together these kinds of games can be completely amazing.

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