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I lost my new 3ds with over 6 years of gaming on a southwestern airlines flight to San Francisco. My 3ds is one the most important items I own. I don't own a lot. I got that 3ds from a pawn shop so I don't have any warranty. My old 3ds was new and I built a collection till that one broke and I had my new one.
It was a golden legend of Zelda one with the hylian crest on it. If I'm remembering correctly the top was pretty scratched but there was one deep scratch in the top, and the touch screen had 1 deep scratch near a bottom corner.
I lost it about March 3rd (if I'm remembering correctly) the game I was playing at the time was harvest moon a new begging. I had I think 12 games inside the case and many more downloaded. The case was a black hard case with 3 doodles in white one going diagonal, and the case was name brand but the zipper was in half. The console l had a Zelda background skyward sword to be specific.
I want my console back. It's very important to me. Honestly want to cry thinking of not getting it back. That sounds silly but it's very important to me. My family and I don't have enough money to buy a new one, let alone replace all the games I had. It's very important I get my console back, it's very important to me. Please if you don't have it spread it around. I already contacted the airlines but they haven't found it yet. Ive made a post in reddit like this as well and I just want my game back.
Please spread this it's important, that you do. I'm willing to pay for shipping costs to get it back. Please help me spread it around.

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