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I got a 3ds xl and brought '' pokemon moon'' yet when I try to click on the application it says game can't be read does that mean I have to take it back or what do I Doo halp me please

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Maybe something is wonky with your 3DS XL, or on rare occasions, the game could be defective. If the game is defective and you got it at retail, some places will exchange it for the same product within a given time period (make sure you have the receipt). Has this happened before with other games, or has it just done it now? Make sure it's not your 3DS XL by playing some other games on it. If you bought Pokemon Moon on the eShop, try deleting it and reinstalling it, maybe that'll fix the issue.

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@mrnorth - I would most definitely consider taking it back, then again try putting another game in first and check and see if the other game runs, if it does run then your system is okay and I'd take the game back and replace it, if another game does not run then I would be concerned that your systems card reader could be messed up.



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