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On Futurama they made a lot of Lila "one eye" jokes. One of those jokes was not understanding 3D movies.

I know lots of people hate 3D movies because the payoff is not as good for the price. There are definitely ways to show depth besides two simultaneous shots, like character movement and camera movement.

After the success of Avatar Nintendo made the 3DS. But ironically the 2DS outsells the 3DS.

Just like movies most people think there's other better ways to show depth besides two simultaneous images.

I can think of two movies in the history of the 2000s and 2010s Cinema that must be watch 3D or else should be avoided, Avatar and Life of Pi. All of the movies, the 3D either ruins it or only true afficianatos of stereoscopic Cinema would love it and everyone else would say who cares.

And just like Avatar was meant to be seen in 3D and is garbage in 2D, I think only one Nintendo game could qualify as that and that's Super Mario 3D Land.

Not that SM3DL is literally garbage, in fact it is beautiful if you have a 2DS, but the problem is the game may be unable to be completed if you are Lila (or if you're SpongeBob fan, Patchy the Pirate. I can't think of any one-eyed characters among Nintendo characters that are major enough that most people would quickly recognize, except maybe certain animated statues in Zelda games.).

I bought the game on the virtual store and not a physical copy, and I don't remember seeing such a warning on the virtual copy before you bought, but was there a warning on Super Mario 3D Land physical game box that said "the game is unable to be fully completed by those with one eye."? It may be beaten for the purposes of saving the princess, but in terms of 100%ing the game, it might be impossible.

Does anyone else know of any other 3DS game where the stereoscopy is vital to completing the game. I would say Crush but I found out thar Crush was originally a PlayStation portable game, and that system wasn't stereoscopic.

Speaking of stereoscopic, recently virtual boy tap was released, an internal mod that turns Virtual Boy into a system that hooks up to a TV. The maker that you can hook up either the left eye or the right eye.

I thought okay, maybe you could hook up both use the left eye, set it at red, use the right eye as equal settings for green and blue, and use red and cyan glasses to get a 3D black and white image out of a twin black and white game footage live.

He said he actually tried it but did not get good results.

I seen the video and noticed he chose red and blue instead of red and cyan. You need red and blue glasses to watch this accurately. I just have red and cyans, no red and blues.

Does anyone have red and blue glasses and tell me if this technique of merging two screens really does work, and if I'm right that the only reason it doesn't work is because I don't have red and blue I just have red and cyan?

if so I'll write him and say you had the right idea just the wrong right eye color. right eye should be blue plus green which equals Cyan. Try re-releasing that video in red and cyan and then you can sell them with red and cyan mode.

And while we're on the subject are there any games that are physically impossible for Lila or patchy to complete on the Virtual Boy?

Let's also think about the other 3D systems, the Sega Master System Sega Scope 3D, and the Vectrex adapter I had no idea was out. Does any games win the Lila or Patchy award for forbidden games for one-eyed people?

Finally am I the only one that thought, in the movie Thor Ragnarok, that a Thor's eye view of that eye gouging hit would be a perfect 3D shot?Something coming right at the camera and contacting the plane?

I guess if people did think about it, I guess it would make people physically sick to see your own eye virtually poked out. And also a couple shots, I would've used 1 or 2 3 second shots of Thor's eye view with one eye that was poked out being how a real one eyed person would see it. Probably all black with the patch, which is probably better than the alternative of chaotic visual information in that eye.

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