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Whenever I try to start pokemon sun or moon on my old 3ds, the message "The Game Card was removed" appears. My other game cards work just fine. Any advice? I tried running the games multiple times, and my system is updated.

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It's possible you may have gotten a bad cartridge. It's rare, but it can happen.

I'd contact Nintendo or the store you bought it from.


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I would go to the store for sure where you purchased it usually they're pretty good at exchanging bad games

Heck i tipped over my Xbox 360 one day it scratched the disc of a game i just got and i was able to exchange it probably because it was the same day but still got lucky



My son keeps having that happen to his copy of Moon and various other games so I have to send his 3DS XL. Hopefully it's covered under warranty since his is that MH Generations special edition. Plus it is happening on my daughter's old 2DS too ( he's using until the other is fixed). There's dirt on the card from the slot.
I'd take it back to the store and see if you can exchange it. I wish my problem was that simple.

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