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Thoughts? I think it looks great, and I love the concept of having a full 360 degrees of control. I can see how constantly spinning your system around might put some people off, though.



Yeah, looking at this, Circle Pad Controls would be nice. or stylus controls even. This can't even be played well with the charger in.

And now that we have a Fluidity sequel, how about an X-Scape sequel to make it a Trilogy? :X Or perhaps a localization of the first game?

And maybe Aura-Aura Climber/Frobot.

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I can't wait to dive into the first one. It's on my Wii, beckoning me to play it.

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Looks like it will be very clumsy to play, but the presentation in the game is amazing!

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Looks really annoying...

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Yeah, traditional controls (that work well) or I'm not getting this.

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This seems better than the first game. Bring it on!

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I do agree that dual screens is not helping this game. Maybe I'll just hope for a 3rd game for Wii U.

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Hmmm, I was sort of hoping for 3D, but they can't do 3D if we're required to spin the screen around, so I guess I'll stick to the WiiWare game since I already have that one. Cubic Ninja had motion controls, and I found them novel for 5 minutes, but it wasn't my preferred way of playing the game, because it's just not as comfortable having to hold the system up to move it around.

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Very disappointing. There is no way I will play a game where I have to spin my 3DS over and over.

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Wow.. I am so disappointed right now.. Was really looking forward to it.

What in the world were they thinking?... Oh well, more money to save up for other games.

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