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like a memories where's it either like you chilling with your friends playing 3ds or something idk I'm just feeling nostalgic for the 3ds
for me Its the release of Pokemon sun and moon and the hype around that



its weird to think that the 3ds is 10 years old and that I was at a completely different stage in my life because it hasn't felt that long



Playing the Smash 3ds demo all night before smash released!


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I'd say playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the first time. That was the first Animal Crossing game I got, and what an introduction it turned out to be - that's how I got into the series in the first place. I didn't think I would like the AC series at first, but man I was hooked, lol. I recently started a new town since it's been so long since I played it, lol - I guess I was too busy with New Horizons since that came out!

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Taking my 3DS on vacation to Santa Cruz and seeing where I got street passes from. I really wish they would bring that feature back on the Switch.

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It was the first nintendo console I had in about 10 years I think.

And that day, I played nothing but Smash and Mario kart 7.

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University years, 7 fellows playing Mario Kart 7 in between classes. Two of us had the game, the others would use Download Play. That was awesome! Sometimes 3 of us would hunt together in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which was great as well!

I have plenty more nice feelings towards my 3DS, what a great videogame. Checking who you crossed paths with using Street Pass, a big library of excellent games, playing it while chilling out in the hammock...



1. Doing Time Travel in ACNL and kick the unwanted villager's butt from my island.
2. Collecting Yokai from rare coins in Yokai Watch 3 Tempura 3DS.
3. Making my Miis from Tomodachi Life 3DS singing Indonesian language.

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Other than a Game & Watch a lifetime ago, I'd never had a handheld, but I bought a New 3DS in 2015 (my heart was taken by the SNES-coloured buttons).

A week or so after receiving it, I took it out during the day while on a work journey. I parked up in a quiet layby and tucked into an hour so of Pokémon Y, just revelling in the opportunities this little box of magic was going to bring to me.

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I have quite a few memories from the 3DS in its earlier years:

-Playing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition at launch, after last having played Street Fighter 2 on my SNES at least 10 years prior
-Playing Ocarina of Time 3D a day early (thanks Amazon)
-Playing NES games from the ambassador program because Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS by a third.
-Long evenings spent playing Mario Kart 7 with a couple of friends and (almost) always getting my butt kicked by one of them playing as Metal Mario
-Playing my first Fire Emblem (Awakening) which I got for free as part of a Club Nintendo promotion, and becoming a fan of Fire Emblem in the process.
-Playing Project X Zone, excited at the prospect of playing a sequel to Namco X Capcom and seeing all these characters interact with each other
-Getting my Limited Edition Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL and playing the game to completion over the next couple of days

I have more, but heck if I will list them all.

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Treating myself to a 2DS about 6 months after my first kid was born. That little machine kept me sane during quite a stressful time. Cheap games on the virtual console were a weekly treat to myself. When my second was born 3 years later the 2DS was my companion during long school holidays, looking after child number 1, playing through Super Mario 3D Land or Tetris DS in the car when I pulled over to let him have a nap in the back before another walk in the park. That and playing the great selection of Game Boy and 3D classic games on the go. Played it far more than my Wii U anyway…

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For me my most treasured 3DS moment, and probably in my gaming life, is playing Super Mario 3D Land with my best friend. She's not much of a gamer, in fact she doesn't like them, but she was having a letigitimately happy moment when she was playing and I was happy for her.

That makes Super Mario 3D Land my favorite game on that system.

That was back in 2017 when I got my New 3DS XL. I wonder if she would accept playing Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury with me.


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Seeing Snake Eater 3D for the first time on a cousin's 3DS. That was the game that made me want a console and eventually I got one as a gift for doing well in school

Funnily enough though I wouldn't get Snake Eater for some years and my first time fully playing through it would be on HD Collection for PS3/Vita


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Spending way too much time at once doing the entire ending of the first 2 Zero Escape games, late at night. Technically the first game was on DS, but I played it on 3DS.

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Already in our thirties me and an old classmate were sitting around in an recreational area near where I live. We were sitting IN a river, where it wasn't too deep, on folding chairs, cans of beer propped in the riverbed between us to keep them cool, playing Monster Hunter. After some great quests a well endowed girl in her early 20's walks over, musters us and says "What are you playing?" - "Monster Hunter" we respond in anticipation to getting to know her better. That's when she replied: "Oh my brother plays that too, he's 12."

Still makes for a nice anecdote!

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More of my 3DS memories:

I played the heck out of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 when they came out. This should come as no surprise, given that I'm a huge Mario fan, lol. I remember 100%ing 3D Land before MK7 released, and I got some good mileage from MK7's online multiplayer before Mario Kart 8 came out.

Getting Game Boy games from the 3DS Virtual Console was quite the treat too. I ended up getting Super Mario Land 1 and 2, as well as Donkey Kong (those three were all the GB games I had during my childhood). I got Wario Land and Link's Awakening DX too - those were games I never grew up with so I'm happy to have played them on the 3DS.

I also remember getting excited for A Link Between Worlds. A Link to the Past has always been my favorite Zelda game, that was the reason why! I ended up getting it for Christmas back in 2013 (alongside Super Mario 3D World and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It's still a stellar Zelda game today, I even gave it a replay just a good while ago.

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Hm... my favorite memory tied to the 3DS? I could probably mention a game, or several, because there are actually SO many examples, and re-playing Ocarina of Time in 3D literally gave it so much more depth, but my ACTUAL favorite memory is simply the first time I switched on the handheld itself, and experienced glasses-free 3D for the very first time.

Even with its inherent shortcomings, it was SO entertaining and enjoyable to me, that I simply HAVE to enter that as my favorite memory.

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@damien33ad Since when is A Link Between Worlds a 2D game?

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I can't think of a specific favourite 3DS memory but I really love the system. I was only a kid when it came out and the wait for my birthday so I could get one was unbearable. I remember going into a local shop a couple of times just to play Pilotwings Resort on a demo unit they had there. (I still don't actually have that game myself though! I'll probably get it one day and relive those days.)

@damien33ad I don't think a Link to the Past remake is likely any time soon considering the original is already available via Switch Online. It would probably benefit from a remake to some extent but it's aged pretty well for the most part, so I'd recommend just playing it as it is if you have a way to do so.

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