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I just got an email from Nintendo saying that I was a winner in the Dinosaur Office contest they ran through Nintendo Video by watching an episode a few weeks back. The prize was an actual download of a "remixed" version of the Computer Problems episode, so that's cool. Any of you other people out there winners in that contest? I'm wondering if I'm like all special and stuff, having a unique and rare video on my 3DS now, or if it's a contest that a lot of people won.

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This is true. I already Googled and I'm pretty sure they already have. lol. Still yet though, it's on my system and in 3D so that's kinda neat.

When I close my eyes, I see pixilated blood.


Just checked my inbox, and I'm a winner too. Considering it was probably just a promotion to incentivize linking your CN account to your 3DS, I can hardly say I'm surprised.

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Darn. I missed that promotion.

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I'm also a winner. Part of me is wondering how many winner are there since I haven't won a contest in 12 years when yugioh first air on Kids WB (when it was still WB) and that had a high chance of winning but it was for one card.

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I tried entering it, but when I put my Club Nintendo info into it, it said it wasn't valid I wanted a dino office remix...

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Yup, I just got the email too. Pretty sure everyone that entered "won" haha. Anyone wanna put their already used code to see if they're all the same?

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I didn't win..... sob

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Nope, not coincided at all.


So like 90% won and like 10 didn't. lawls. And here I thought I was uber awesome.

When I close my eyes, I see pixilated blood.


Yup, I just got a copy.



Thus far, nothing.

Anyone wanna lend a brother a copy?

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Nothing for me either.

@Knuckles You know you can't re-use download codes right.

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It's kind of a cute video. All autotuned and stuff. I'm not a huge Dinosaur Office fan but it was nice to win something for a change.

When I close my eyes, I see pixilated blood.


Hey, I'm a winner!

I'm pretty sure everyone who enters is a winner.

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Oops, just found it. Apparently, it was sent early yesterday.
It's surprising how much of a difference, it makes when you check the correct email.


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