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Hi there,

I recently had a bit of a minor water mishap with my new 3DS and it no longer properly charges. (My cat knocked over a glass of water, a few drops got onto charge port, and I immediately put the 3ds in rice but it seems the damage was done)

  • the orange light turns on when plugged in and when in cradle
  • the battery icon shows as charging when plugged in
  • the battery level does not change, even plugged in or in cradle overnight

I have purchased a new battery from Nintendo and the problem persisted so it lies within my new 3DS itself.

Does anyone know of a product or other way to charge up the battery directly, rather than via the 3ds? The batteries are easy to switch and I'd be happy just recharging one battery while I use the other.



The only thing I can think of is if you have another 3DS you can put it in that. Other then that, you might want to call Nintendo and set up a repair.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
The battery doesn't fit in my other ds (original 3ds) and I don't have the money for a repair right now, already contacted them hoping to work something out in the meantime while I try to get the money. Any idea what type of battery is in the DSi? I also have one of those.



Found this product on Amazon, it seems to be working. And it'll work for any similar batteries too if I ever need it, since it's adjustable.

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