Topic: Can't use a pre-paid VISA on the eShop?

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I've been trying to use this VISA Vanilla Gift card on the store, but every time I get to the part where I'm finally adding the funds Nintendo tells me I can't use this card... Does Nintendo have something against pre-paid cards or something?



You might have to activate your Visa gift card. I wish I was 100% sure, but I'm quite sure I've used those on the eShop before to add funds. Try visiting the vanilla Visa website and fully activating your card. If all else fails, use the card to go buy an eShop code from the store.

I've been using these prepaid cards for years, they're great, but little problems like this can be super frustrating. Nowadays, they work a lot more. Back when they were first popping up I could hardly use them anywhere.


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The card was likely activated at the register. But as Zizzy said, you do have to go to the card's website (it should be listed with any documentation that came with the card) and register, at the very least, a ZIP code in order to use it online. Some cards may want a name as well, but not all do.

Afterwards, you should be able to use it with no problem. I've used pre-paids myself with no issue.

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