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When I first saw this title in a small article here at Nintendolife I was pretty excited as it looked alot like a Kairosoft I had played called Dungeon Village. It came out last week on Thursday and was in the 1.99 catagory of games. I downloaded as soon as I saw it. But wasn't expecting much since it was a Bargain Priced game. At first the game was pretty hard since there is no explanation of what does what in the game. But it did not take me long to get my store up and running and get Book signings and buying out publishers and opening up new books to sell. This game is excellent! It starts you off nice and slow to get used to stocking your books everyday and manage book signings. But the play gets real frantic when your store is full, and your selling out of stock Ha Ha! I highly recommend this High Quality Low price game from the Eshop and seriously hope we see more games like it. If dungeon Village would come to the Eshop my life would be over for a couple weeks. One thing about Bookstore Dreams it is a cut down sim game but it plays absolutely great. So if your a hardcore sim player this one might be a little easy for you but still a good purchase

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We've got an impressions thread for this game going here if you'd like to add your thoughts, Windy. Thank you! :3

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