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This topic may have been asked before I guess, but with Shantae and tipping stars now released are they the new top games?

I just downloaded with my stars, Pull box. Its good but what is your number one game?

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I find nano assault EX and art of balance: touch really special, and jewel quest is also one of my time killers =]



Yeah, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is the best eShop game, I think - a fantastic Metroidvania, better than any Nintendo has made since the GBA days.

At No.2 and No.3 would be Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2. Yes, I'm a WayForward fan, but I genuinely think they've made the best three games on the eShop.

Sega's 3D Classics are also great, but for me WayForward has made the three best games.



Cave Story and Crimson Shroud are a couple of my absolute favorites, though Liberation Maiden & Mighty Switch Force! aren't far behind. I've also spent an obscene amount of time playing Zen Pinball 3D though...

Then again, the last game I bought on the eShop was Picross e2 last summer, so what do I know about the current status of the selection.

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I second Rune Factory 4.

In addition, Demon King Box, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, and Liberation Maiden are really outstanding titles!

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Yumi's Odd Odyssey (Cannot spell the EU name).

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Azure Striker Gunvolt is good. Very good.



The Gunman Clive games are good and for their price you can't go wrong.

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Shovel Knight and Steel Diver Sub Wars are both worthwhile to me. I agree the Gunman Clives are both excellent, as well as vvvvvv. I also like Star Wars pinball if that's your thing.

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Siesta Fiesta and Attack of the Friday Monsters were something special to me so far.
But I think Shovel Knight and Ace Attorney Trilogy will grow to me too once I get more into them.
Liberation Maiden is pretty decent aswell. Weapon Shop de Omasse kept me more addic
Somehow I am apparently too dumb to play Fallblox (Crashmo), though I'm usually a puzzler. O.o

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Nano Assault EX
Steamworld Dig
Mighty Switch Force! 1 & 2
Shovel Knight
Liberation Maiden
Bugs vs Tanks
Moon Chronicles Season 1
Mutant Mudds


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My top games are;

Mighty Switch Force
Shovel Knight
IronFall Invasion
SteamWorld Dig
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy
Retro City Rampage

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Mutant mudds
Cave story
Fractured soul
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Shovel Knight
Cave Story
Yumi's Odd Odyssey

Though including the Ace Attorney Trilogy almost feels like cheating, since that's really three (obviously) of my favorite games ever made under one banner and they were all previously released as retail games in NA.

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Gunman Clive 1 & 2 and naturally I also have to say Shovel Knight.


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Oooof, best game is a bit tricky.

Probably have to go with Cave Story. Shovel Knight is close in second though. Then there's VVVVVV and Steamworld Dig both being strong competitors too.

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Crimson Shroud
Picross (any)

I'm a fan of a lot of other games (people knock Pokemon Shuffle/Rumble for being F2P but they're pretty fun and you can beat both without paying a dime) but those are my top 3 for sure.


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Rage of the Gladiator (for Punch-Out fans like me) !!!!!!!

Otherwise, for platformers:
Cave Story
Shovel Knight
Shantae's and the Pirate Curse
The Gunman Clives
Steamworld Dig - A Fistful of Dirt
50 Pinch Barrage!!

Quell Reflect 1 + 2 (for puzzle fans!!!)

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I'm gonna change my answer to Hydroventure: Spin Cycle as it never pops up in these types of lists.

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Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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