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What are the best and the worst mario sports games? Across all nintendo systems...

Which ones did you have the most/least with?

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I enjoy the Mario and Sonic Olympic game series though I have yet to play the new one on Wii U. I also really liked the Mario Super Sluggers and it's sequel.

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mario tennis on N64 was great multiplayer. mario golf is always quality, from 64 to gamecube to 3DS.

mario sports games are nintendo sports games and they are always quality.

does kart racing counts as a sport?

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everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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I really liked Mario Super Sluggers. (Too bad Europe and Australia never got the game...)

Worst? Eh... Mario Power Tennis? That game felt so rehash-ey.

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I really enjoyed Mario Superstars Baseball and Super Sluggers even more so. I've played against my friend many a time in Super Sluggers and it's always a blast.

Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis Open were pretty underwhelming to me. They're not bad, just not great either. I've heard good things about Toadstool Tour and the 3DS golf game, but I've yet to try either of them.


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I don't care for any Mario sports games. They just seem pointless to me.

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I played a lot of Mario Tennis back on the N64, but that's about it (unless you count the Mario Kart series. In that case, I have very fond memories of Super Mario Kart, but after going back to it, I found it didn't age well. Mario Kart: Super Circuit was a slippery mess, IMO. MKWii was great fun, and I spent a great amount of time online in battle mode. MK7 was quite fun too, but not quite as good as MKWii, IMO).

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Mario Superstar Baseball is top notch.
I hated NES Open Tournament Golf.

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I've only played Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Tennis Open. The former was great, the latter was okay.

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Mario & Sonic: on the Wii they were very good games IMO, but the DS iteratons were better. I've tried the 3DS version a bit, but not the Wii U one.
Mario Super Sluggers and Strikers charged were both good game, specially the latter.
Mario Golf on the 3DS is top notch, one of my favorite games.
Mario basketball on the DS was played constantly by my son, but I did never really tried much.
Mario Power Tennis is a mess on the 3DS. Couldn't keep me engaged for more than 5 minutes.
Mario Sport Mix I did never played, maybe because all my friends kept telling me how subpar it was...
I have very little experience/recollection of NES and 64 sports games with Mario, so there.



Golf is awesome. I hate golf but love mario golf world tour....



THanks for all the answers...



I've played all of them except for the GBA Tennis and Golf, so I can't speak for them.
Some of my personal favorites are Mario Tennis 64 along with the GBC game. I remember how cool it was transferring my character from GBC to N64 with those. Too bad the VC versions didn't get that good of treatment. The best golf game is definitely Mario Golf World Tour on the 3DS. It actually really surprised me after the Mario Tennis 3DS game that was very bare bones. I really enjoy the Mario Baseball games as well. The Wii one is actually one my wife and I have played on and off from time to time. Strickers charged was great, up until the playoffs when multiple times I played through and got to the last match or two and had to start all over (a loss of a few hours of gameplay basically). Never did beat it.

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Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is my favorite. Had tons of fun with the multiplayer.

My least favorite is Mario Strikers Charged. I was so disappointed after playing the demo of the GC one for hours on end.

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nacho_chicken wrote:

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is my favorite. Had tons of fun with the multiplayer.

My least favorite is Mario Strikers Charged. I was so disappointed after playing the demo of the GC one for hours on end.

Is it really that good? Seen a a vidreview, wasnt that impressed...



The only Mario sports games I'm familiar with are the Strikers games. Both of them were pretty fun.


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mario golf world tour for the 3ds is really awesome and a game i play regularly, especially as there are new tournaments every few weeks

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I never really messed with the Golf games, so...yeah...
Though for me the most memorable sport games I liked were Hoops and Strikers.

...Why is this in the 3DS section anyways? lol

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All I know is that we need a good Mario sports game for Wii U. I'll take that over Mario Party 10.

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Best — Mario Golf: World Tour
Worst — Mario Curling

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