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Anyone know any good point and click adventure games for 3DS? I'm already familiar with Layton and Ace Attorney, but are there any "under the radar" adventure games I should know about?

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Less "adventure" more surreal; Mom Hid My Game is a fun pass-time for the few hours gameplay lasts. It's also on the switch.
I'm personally not a fan of point and click games so I wouldn't know of any others.

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@N00BiSH Are you familiar with the DS games Hotel Dusk, Last Window, and 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, and the 3DS follow-up to 9H9P9D, Virtue's Last Reward?

If not, check them out.

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@N00BiSH If you don't mind slightly obtuse puzzles here and there as well as a short runtime of a couple of hours, I highly recommend taking a look at "Without Escape". The best part is that it's only like 5 bucks!


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