Bayonetta 3
Image: PlatinumGames

After two weeks of back-and-forth drama, we are pleased that Bayonetta 3 is finally out to rave reviews. We are never going to have to talk about another VA dispute ever again, right? Yes, the gun-slinging, crowd-winning Umbra Witch is back and (not to spoil the following feature) we are excited to play.

While we awaited the game's release with bated breath, it has been a big week of anniversaries here at Nintendo Life. We weighed in on what we would like the Super Mario Odyssey sequel to look like as the game turned five; one year on, we broke down whether the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has made itself worthwhile; and we celebrated the fifth anniversary The Mummy Demastered by discussing how it worked where the film failed.

The wonderful Kate Gray also provided us with a deep dive on the rise of AI art, speaking to game developers about their thoughts for the future.

We covered reviews of both Bayonetta 3 and Beacon Pines - both of which we are keen to play more of. Speaking of which (wow, what a segue), a collection of the Nintendo Life team has come together below to share their gaming plans for the weekend. Have a read to find out what we are up to, then leave a comment below to let us know what you are hoping to play!

Happy gaming!

Liam Doolan, News Reporter

This weekend I’m planning to dig into the new Shovel Knight game, Shovel Knight Dig. I’ve already played a fair bit and it’s a great game to sort of pick up and play if you’ve only got a short amount of time to spare.

I’ll also be returning to the Switch Online N64 library. One classic I’ve been eager to replay is Pilotwings 64. I’ve also just realised my Switch Online subscription has expired… so I guess I’ll be renewing that for another year.

Last but not least – the main course! Once I have renewed that sub, I’ll be diving back into Splatoon 3 for more ink-splattering fun. I was hooked on this game at the beginning, so over the next few days I’m gearing up for battle again. I might even get in some Salmon Run sessions. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

There’s only one thing waiting for me this weekend and I absolutely can’t wait to get stuck in: Bayonetta 3! I recently played through the first two games to prepare and I was once again completely blown away at how incredible the combat is. If our recent review is anything to go by, then the third game will hopefully be even better!

If I get the time, I’ll also be diving back into Resident Evil: Village for a bit. I’ve been playing through the Cloud Version on Switch for review, but I’ll also be heading back to the Xbox version and checking out the new Winters’ Expansion. I’ll be honest, first-person Resident Evil has never quite done it for me, so I’m excited to try out the new third-person mode.

Felix Sanchez, Video Producer

My gaming plans this weekend is to play the Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected storyline, since I just beat Xenoblade Definitive Edition!!! Man what a game that was, just kept going and going, crazy to think that came out on the Wii!

I have also gotten BIG into Animal Crossing: New Horizons again, it feels like I'm back in that first month of launch, which is rare but more than welcome! So I will probs check in a few times to water my crops, talk to my villagers and finish building some bridges and inclines!

Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

This might be hard to fathom but my SD Gundam Battle Alliance campaign save data is now over 85 hours long! I wonder how many more weekends ill be mixing and matching Gundams… Post-humanity Earth continues to delight as I continue to run around NieR: Automata’s dystopian world and finding ever more evidence things are not quite black and white as they would at first seem. Some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R to round things up and… wait, the Mega Drive Mini 2 is out already!?

Game of the Week is (please pretend to be shocked) Bayonetta 3. I can’t believe how much my life changed in the past five years, but if the wait gave me a game that by far manages to surpass both previous titles you know you’re onto a winner. Let the Season of the Witch begin!

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

This weekend doesn't look like it is going be a huge one on the gaming front for me, although there is a certain amount of travelling ahead so fingers crossed I can sneak in a little here and there.

Since I will be looking to play in small increments, it would be great to play a little more of those titles which don't require hours of back-to-back gameplay. I have been really enjoying playing through Haiku the Robot (I think I'm getting to the end now) so it would be great to try and cap it off. Suiting my needs perfectly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection may be calling for some train-travelling fun also.

As ever, thank you for reading! Make sure to leave us a comment below with your weekend gaming plans!