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Thursday19th Dec 2013

Friday13th Dec 2013

  • Matters Of Import Shining Force Feather

    We take a look at Sega's Japan-only DS strategy RPG

    Sega's Shining Force series is still well thought of, even if the PS2 instalments arguably got off on the wrong foot by drastically rewriting series canon and deviating from the strategic gameplay found in older titles. Evidently someone was buying these games anyway, as after four entries on the...

Friday29th Nov 2013

  • News Rune Factory Developer Neverland Closes Its Doors

    Where now for Rune Factory 5?

    After a sluggish financial performance due to business changes, Rune Factory developer Neverland has announced it will be closing its doors. The Japanese company made the announcement via its official website, explaining that its financial status had deteriorated considerably in recent times. After failing to raise the...

Wednesday13th Nov 2013

Friday8th Nov 2013

  • News Famitsu Reveals Japan's Best Selling Games Of The 21st Century

    New Super Mario Claims Top Spot

    Japanese video game publication Famitsu has just unveiled the top 100 Best Selling Video Games in Japan for the 21st Century (the period 1st January 2001 until 29th September 2013), and as expected Nintendo games feature heavily, with nine of the top ten games being for Nintendo platforms — seven of which are for...

Thursday17th Oct 2013

Friday11th Oct 2013

Thursday10th Oct 2013

  • News Doodle Jump Is Making The Journey To Nintendo DS

    The forthcoming 3DS version gets a companion

    A short time ago we reported on the impending release of Doodle Jump Adventures for the 3DS — a console port of the popular smartphone title, Doodle Jump. It has now been confirmed that the DS will also be getting a version of Lima Sky's title, named Doodle Jump Journey. It's a scaled-down offering...

Saturday7th Sep 2013

  • Rumour Nintendo Renaming The 3DS Page On Facebook

    "Nintendo Handheld Gaming" looks set to replace it on 19th September

    Nintendo is renaming the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, according to an email sent from the social network to a selection of people who like the page. When Facebook pages change their names, an email is sent out by the social network to inform people of the change. Nintendo hasn't...

Monday2nd Sep 2013

  • News Devil Survivor 2 Hits Pre-Order Target to Confirm EU Release

    Additional pre-orders are now guaranteed

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 has had a rather odd route to release in Europe. Ghostlight picked up publishing duties for the DS title in Europe, but not before a 3DS port was confirmed for Japan. With time and effort invested in the DS original, Ghostlight has nevertheless persevered. Its path to the...

Wednesday28th Aug 2013

  • News HackYourConsole.com Goes Offline and Closes Pre-Orders

    Nintendo opened legal proceedings earlier this month

    On 7th August Nintendo announced that it was opening legal proceedings against HackYourConsole.com, a subject that unsurprisingly caused plenty of debate and disagreement within the Nintendo Life community. The site had sold R4 cards and offered mods to Nintendo hardware for a good amount of time,...

Monday26th Aug 2013

Wednesday21st Aug 2013

Wednesday14th Aug 2013

  • News Former EA VP Named New President of n-Space

    Takes place at head of longtime developer

    Dan Tudge, a former vice-president and executive producer at Electronic Arts, has ranked up in title to become President of Orlando, Fla.-based independent developer n-Space. According to GamesIndustry International, the former president of n-Space, co-founder Dan O’Leary, is now the company’s CEO...

Monday12th Aug 2013

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Art Academy: SketchPad

    A masterpiece or sketchy at best?

    One of the most fascinating things about Miiverse is how Nintendo is paying such close attention to it. Not just in the sense that it is regularly updating it, but rather the company is actually listening to what its consumers are saying on the platform. It's remarkably unusual for a company that until now had been...

Sunday11th Aug 2013

  • News Nintendo Now Selling Refurbished SD Cards and 3DS XL Consoles

    Original 3DS and DSi XL models are also available

    Earlier this year Nintendo announced it was selling authentic refurbished products on its official website in North America, stating the systems are the only refurbished products on the market that have been cleaned, tested and inspected to meet the company's high standards. At the time, Nintendo...

Friday9th Aug 2013

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    Review Smurfs 2

    To Smurf, or not to Smurf?

    Recently we got a little down and smurfy with our review of The Smurfs 2 for the Wii U, and now, we’ve set our focus on the DS version which offers a completely different gameplay experience, despite sharing the same title. Where the former offered up uneventful platforming that should only appeal to novice players or...

Wednesday7th Aug 2013

Monday5th Aug 2013

Monday29th Jul 2013

Thursday25th Jul 2013

Monday22nd Jul 2013

Thursday18th Jul 2013

  • News Ghostlight Will Open Pre-Orders For Devil Survivor 2 Next Week

    Europe finally gets the chance to play it

    Last week Ghostlight revealed it would be giving Europeans the chance to get hold of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 by pre-ordering the game from its online store. However, the publisher will only release the DS title should it receive enough requests. Well, the chance to reserve a copy will start...

Friday12th Jul 2013

  • News Ghostlight Hatches A New Plot To Bring Devil Survivor 2 To Europe

    A cunning plan

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 was released in the US well over a year ago now and poor old Europe has yet to have the game grace its presence. It appears that day may not be too far off, as UK-based publisher Ghostlight has devised a scheme to finally bring the DS game to European shores. Essentially, it's playing it very...

Tuesday9th Jul 2013

  • News Nintendo Wins Another Court Battle with R4 Cartridge Manufacturers

    Nintendo and others to be paid nearly $1 million in damages

    The DS family of systems has long since been replaced by the 3DS, but almost as an ironic tribute to the slowly grinding gears of legal systems, Nintendo and around fifty other companies have just been awarded nearly $1 million in damages; this will be paid by two R4 device sellers based in...

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Wednesday3rd Jul 2013

  • Poll How Important is Dual / Second Screen Gaming?

    A major part of Nintendo's strategy

    Yesterday brought us some interesting comments from Ubisoft Managing Director Nicolas Rioux, who spoke about the potential prominence of "second screen" gaming, even going so far as to praise the Wii U as an innovative first step. As we observed in that article, it'd be a nasty piece of irony if technical...

Tuesday2nd Jul 2013

Monday1st Jul 2013

  • News Renegade Kid To Regain Rights To Moon Next Year

    Could a sequel be in the works?

    Moon is something of a cult classic, and many Renegade Kid fans hold out hope for a sequel of some sort. The studio itself is open to the idea, but has always maintained that the rights to the name are an issue — the original was published by Mastiff, which currently has ownership of the IP. However, it would seem...

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