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  • Random In Japan, You Can Buy A Nintendo Wii For 50 Cents

    And DS consoles are under a dollar

    The Wii and DS were phenomenally successful consoles, selling over 250 million units between them worldwide. That's great news when a system is 'alive' and still getting new games, but when it's a decade down the line, the software has dried up (well, almost dried up) and

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  • Video Fan Beats Pokémon Platinum Without Taking Any Damage

    After more than 138 hours' playtime

    Beating Pokémon games might feel a little easier to accomplish these days, but fans have been coming up with ways to make each game tougher for years. The latest intriguing attempt to catch our attention is this one by Smallant1, who decided to try and complete Pokémon Platinum without taking any damage. Now,...

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  • Music Pokémon Diamond And Pearl Are Getting A Fanmade Orchestral Makeover

    A Gen 4 remake at last!

    For years now, Pokémon fans have been desperately hoping for a remake of the series' fourth generation games, Diamond and Pearl. While we can't offer you that, we do have news of the next best thing. Pokémon fan and musical marvel Braxton Burks is back with another orchestral take on the beloved franchise, this time with a...

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  • Reminder Vote For Your Favourite Nintendo DS Games

    We need your help to rate the finest Dual Screen games

    Update: A big thank you to everybody who has already voted when this went live over the weekend - to anyone who missed it, feel free to dive in below and help us rank the top 50 Nintendo DS games ever. Carry on! Later this year we'll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Nintendo DS, a...

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