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Wednesday29th Sep 2021

  • News Modders Are Reimagining Mario Kart: Double Dash On DS

    Chunky DS sprite nostalgia

    A few notable gaming systems have a look; for the Game Boy - as one example - that look is pea green. We also think the DS has a look, those chunky character models that are sort of like the N64 but not quite, and the fact that it had such an extraordinarily varied library with these aesthetics. DS mods of well known...

Thursday16th Sep 2021

  • Random Check Out This Game Boy Color And Nintendo DS Mash-Up


    We've seen plenty of cool retro mods over the years, but this latest effort from Game Boy Custom really stands out – mainly because it's fusing together a Game Boy Color with a Game Boy Advance and the internals of a Nintendo DS. Still with us? Good. The Aussie modder has sent a proof-of-concept prototype to our friends at Retro Dodo,...

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Monday31st May 2021

  • Random Fan Project Is Making Super Mario Galaxy DS A Reality

    What sorcery is this?

    Super Mario Galaxy is a classic, and certainly in the conversation when debating the best ever Mario games; it shone on its Wii debut, and more recently looked rather nice as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Imagine, though, if it was playable on Nintendo DS. That's what a group of four talented homebrew...

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Tuesday16th Mar 2021

  • Guide Best Nintendo DS RPGs

    Dual-screen role-playing

    The Nintendo DS is one of the most successful games consoles in the history of the industry, so as you might imagine, it's pretty well-stocked when it comes to RPGs. During its glorious lifespan, this dual-screen wonder played host to some of the best role-playing epics the genre has ever seen – and we've compiled a list...

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