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Tuesday16th Aug 2022

  • Video The Switch Desperately Needs This Nintendo DS Feature

    We miss DS Download Play...

    We love the Switch. It's a pretty neat piece of kit after all. But that doesn't mean we don't have issues with the console or think it could do with an update or two every so often. And we've come up with another improvement that we think would make multiplayer even easier. Who used Download Play on their DS or 3DS? We...

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Tuesday19th Jul 2022

  • Random See How The World's Biggest Working Nintendo DS Was Created

    Supersize Mii

    We've all heard of the phrase 'go big or go home,' right? Well YouTuber and all-round tech wizard, Bigrig Creates, seems to have fully embodied its message with his latest video in which he assembles the world's biggest Nintendo DS. Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, BigRig assembles the system's iconic dual screens by...

Monday18th Jul 2022

Wednesday6th Jul 2022

  • News Rejoice, The Wii Shop Channel And DSi Shop Are Finally Back Up

    After months of being down

    Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you — the Wii Shop Channel and DSi shop are finally accessible again after the two were suffering outages for months. The stores were first reported as offline back in March. Then, in May, GameXplain reached out to Nintendo, who stated that it had "nothing to announce", but thanks to

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Monday23rd May 2022

  • Video A Castlevania Game... With Pigs?

    Welcome to our 'Game Joy' series!

    Here at Nintendo Life, we love video games. Heck, we should do, right? What we love even more, though, is when we discover something that we've never come across before; whether it be a secret in a well-known game, a quirky glitch or trick, or even a completely unknown video game that we just happened to stumble...

Saturday21st May 2022

  • News Nintendo Responds To Wii And DSi Shop Channel Outages

    Update: Two months on it has "nothing to announce"

    Update [Sat 21st May, 2022 18:05 BST]: Two months after the Wii and DSi Shop channel outages, YouTube channel GameXplain has now reached out to Nintendo to see if it could provide any more clarification about what's going on. Unfortunately, the new statement is that it's still got "nothing to...

Tuesday17th May 2022

Sunday24th Apr 2022

  • Random Another Look At The Super Mario Galaxy DS Fan Project

    A "short public demo" has also been released

    Super Mario Galaxy is easily one of the best 3D Mario games and was a hit when it was originally released on the Wii in 2007. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if this game was made available on the Nintendo DS instead? While there's been hoaxes and more in the past, as you might recall -...

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Monday31st Jan 2022

  • News Metroid Prime Hunters Designer Would Love To See The Game Remade Today

    "It would be great to see those guys at full resolution"

    When you consider how beloved the Metroid series is, it's remarkable that more people don't talk about Metroid Prime Hunters. One of the key early titles for the Nintendo DS (a demo was memorably bundled with the console at launch), Hunters was a spin-off of a spin-off; it formed part of the...

Monday24th Jan 2022

  • Random Remember When Nintendo Tried To Sell The DS To Metal Heads?

    Nintendo DS + heavy metal fans + open mic = amusing results

    Nintendo has always has a reputation of being a family-friendly brand, right from the days of the NES when the firm would painstakingly censor many of its games to ensure there was zero chance of them causing offence. While the company's stance arguably softened during the GameCube years,...

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  • News Modders Are Reimagining Mario Kart: Double Dash On DS

    Chunky DS sprite nostalgia

    A few notable gaming systems have a look; for the Game Boy - as one example - that look is pea green. We also think the DS has a look, those chunky character models that are sort of like the N64 but not quite, and the fact that it had such an extraordinarily varied library with these aesthetics. DS mods of well known...

Thursday16th Sep 2021

  • Random Check Out This Game Boy Color And Nintendo DS Mash-Up


    We've seen plenty of cool retro mods over the years, but this latest effort from Game Boy Custom really stands out – mainly because it's fusing together a Game Boy Color with a Game Boy Advance and the internals of a Nintendo DS. Still with us? Good. The Aussie modder has sent a proof-of-concept prototype to our friends at Retro Dodo,...

Tuesday31st Aug 2021

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