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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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chris commented on EU VC Releases - 18th January - 1080 Snowboarding:

What ever happened to a NeoGeo game like Samurai Shodown
to be released i read, also lets face it that vc are not going to be
around for long only the life spand of the WII console so just
don't exspect any thing great from all of this.



chris commented on EU VC Releases - 9th November - Super Mario Br...:

Blue's journey i think is a good NeoGeo game, well i think all NeoGeo games are fantastic.
Take it from me as i used to have the real console with games
costing me over $300.00 Aussie dollars so for 900 wii points to play arcade perfect games no matter what game in the NeoGeo
range is all good i think.