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  • News Pokémon: The First Movie Confirmed for Special Showings in the US

    Just $5, too

    It seems like we've been typing 'Pokémon' a lot, so we'll just have to keep things moving. This time the focus isn't on the next generation of the game series or a certain demo, but on some nostalgic theatre screenings planned in the US. The Pokémon Company has teamed up with over 200 Cinemark theatres to run screenings of Pokémon:...


  • News Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy

    "The story we conceived is so big"

    When news emerged earlier this year that there'd be a Tetris movie, bemusement seemed like a fair reaction. How do you compose a narrative and movie out of this particular iconic game? Back then producer Larry Kasanoff - whose credits include work on films like True Lies - spoke of the film having a surprise...







  • News Yuke's Has A Pacific Rim Game In Development

    Expect plenty of big robots

    Pacific Rim is one of this year's major cinema blockbusters and it has been revealed that there will be a video game tie-in for it, which will no doubt be released at around the same time. It's to be developed and published by Yuke's, the studio behind the annual WWE licensed releases. The upcoming WWE title is still...



  • News Potential Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Should Have a Moment "Perfect for Mario"

    If it gets made, that is

    Wreck-it Ralph may have been released in North America way back in early November, but it's not long since it arrived in movie theatres in the UK, bringing its own brand of classic gaming cameos and animated hilarity. For retro gamers and Nintendo fans alike the movie has plenty of references to pick up, including an...