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  • News Eevee Is Your Next Pokémon Funko Pop

    Coming soon to a store near you

    One of the most popular, cute and adorable Pokémon is the normal-type Eevee. This pocket monster has been around since the first generation and nowadays has its very own video game, Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! One thing Eevee hasn't got is its very own Funko Pop. At least until now. Following on from Pikachu, Funko...

  • Guide Where To Buy Pokémon Funko Pop! Collectables

    Gotta collect 'em all

    If there's one thing you don't see much of these days at your local games emporium, it's video game-based merch (ahem). It's exceptionally rare to catch sight of plastic or resin recreations of your favourite video game characters when you pop to your local shop to pick up the latest hot release, much less see them stacked into...

  • News Funko Reveals New Pikachu Pop, Coming Soon To A Store Near You

    Collect 'em all

    Love 'em or hate 'em, more Pokémon-themed Funko Pops are seemingly on the way and you've gotta collect 'em all. According to the official Funko Pop website, collectors will soon be able to purchase another version of Pikachu. This one has a different pose to the original - with its ears pointing out in different directions. It's...