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  • News ​A Tetris Movie is in the Making

    And, of course, it will be a trilogy

    It could certainly be argued that the original Game Boy owes a large chunk of its initial success to Tetris. Released as a pack-in game with every Game Boy, the simple yet addictive falling block game took the world by storm, instantly cementing itself as a large piece of gaming history. Tetris has sold hundreds...

  • News ​Nintendo is Getting Into the Movie Business

    Please don't mess it up, please don't mess it up…

    For decades now, movie adaptations of video games have been "cursed" to mediocrity. While some video game movies have done pretty well at the box office, it generally seems like they're not very well received critically and usually fizzle out fairly quickly. Of course, Nintendo contributed to this...

  • News Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer Leaps Out Of The Shadows And Into The Spanish Inquisition

    Didn't expect that

    The first trailer for the Hollywood adaptation of Ubisoft's popular Assassin's Creed has been published online. Starring Michael Fassbender, Jeremy Irons and Ariane Labed, the film appears to be based on the first Assassin's Creed game, although the setting has been shifted to Spain during the infamous Spanish Inquisition. While...

  • News Sega's Shinobi Series Is Getting The Big Screen Treatment

    Yo Joe

    Sega's iconic Shinobi franchise is being turned into a Hollywood movie, Deadline is reporting. Shinobi began life as an arcade release in 1987 and spawned several sequels, including Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and - more recently - Shinobi on t









  • News Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom

    Nintendo only agreed if DK would be treated with respect

    The Pixels movie certainly has a creative plot. When aliens intercept video feeds of classic arcade games and misinterpret them as a declaration of war, they attack Earth using the games as models. This leaves the President of the United States no option but to recruit a team of old-school...

  • News Wreck-It Ralph 2 Confirmed to be Smashing Its Way to Theatres

    Might a certain Nintendo character have a cameo this time?

    Wreck-It Ralph was one of the animated movie highlights of 2012. It's the story of a video game villain (not unlike Donkey Kong) who just wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfil his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the arcade where he lives. On paper the movie sounds like it would be a...











  • News Ubisoft Pitching Watch_Dogs And Rabbids Movies To Hollywood Studios

    From small screen to silver screen

    Ubisoft has revealed that it is in the process of preparing big-screen interpretations of its Watch_Dogs, Rabbids and Far Cry properties. This trio of potential films joins Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, all of which are in the early stages of development. The French publisher is packaging the...



  • News 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience Hits DVD

    Blu-Ray and digital launch expected this year, too

    Those of you with exceptionally good powers of recollection will no doubt remember that we reported on the production of 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience last year. A love letter to the coin-op scene in Japan, the film has been completed thanks to two IndieGoGo campaigns which raised a...


  • News Shaun Of The Dead Star Seems Pleased With ZombiU Homage

    You've got red on you

    We've all heard of life imitating art, but what about art imitating art? That's exactly what has happened with ZombiU, as it gives the player a cricket bat as their only melee option — a loving nod to the seminal 2004 British horror comedy Shaun of the Dead. In case you haven't seen it, the film focuses on one man's quest...


  • Movie Review Wreck-It Ralph

    It's good to be bad

    The film and television industry is traditionally content to boss over video games: movie adaptations of popular gaming franchises are more often than not sub-par, while other projects reference games lazily without any real understanding of the medium. Outside of documentaries like Indie Game: The Movie and more careful...


  • Movie Review Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

    A true gentleman never disappoints his fans

    Puzzle 001: How do you adapt a best-selling puzzle series for the big screen? The answer? Bring the puzzles along for the ride. For most movies, shoehorning in memorable gameplay elements hasn't always worked out as planned — the first-person shooting segment from Doom was lampooned by many viewers,...

  • Movie Review Ace Attorney

    Phoenix's début on the big screen makes a good case

    While the video game and movie industries have arguably managed to advance and make some great strides over the last few years, the same can't be said for their offspring. Whether it be the sexy archaeological adventures of Lara Croft, or the hard-hitting, guns-a-blazing ways of Agent 47, most...




  • News Bowser and Bison Join Wreck-It Ralph in Therapy

    Bad boys

    Bowser will be making a return to cinema screens for the first time since that live action movie in Wreck-It Ralph, Disney's new computer generated film that's out later this year. Poor old Ralph has been stuck doing the same old job for 30 years: smashing up buildings in an Rampage-style arcade game. Bored of being the bad guy that nobody...


  • News Bowser and Friends Confirmed for Wreck-It Ralph

    Roar power

    Upcoming Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph will feature a cameo from the Koopa King himself. Bowser will appear in the movie, due out in November, alongside an unnamed ghost from Pac-Man (we're hoping for Clyde). We don't know how the two fit in, but previous reports suggested a panel of villains — including Dr. Eggman — would...


  • News New Film "100 Yen" Looks at Japan's Arcade History

    Insert coin

    A new documentary exploring Japan's still-thriving arcade scene is about to hit the 'net. 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience — a reference to the nationwide shortage of 100 Yen coins following the release of the original Space Invaders — investigates what's helped Japanese arcades stay alive, while those in the West have all-but...


  • News Are Bowser and Dr. Eggman in Disney's New Film?

    Looks like it

    Disney's new animated film, Wreck-It Ralph, is about a video game villain who unleashes a powerful enemy from a first-person shooter. According to these scans from D23 magazine, the movie might have an all-star cast of nemeses, too. This picture — reportedly of the movie, though admittedly not the finest quality — shows Bowser, Dr...


  • News Victini Returns to Pokémon Black and White This Weekend

    HP restored

    Super-rare Pokémon Victini saw a limited release when Pokémon Black and White earlier this year, and now the little monster is rested and ready to make another appearance this weekend. From Saturday, Victini will be distributed via Nintendo WiFi Connection, complete with a pretty powerful move set: Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, V-Create and Searing Shot are all in the Victory Pokémon's..

  • News Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva DVD Out 8th November

    Worth investigating

    After a successful première at New York Comic Con, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva is set for a DVD release in just a few days. VIZ Media has announced the film will see release North America on 8th November, with a recommended retail price of $19.97 U.S. or $19.98 CAN, though you can buy it direct for $14.99. It'll be...


  • News 3D Movies Coming to the 3DS Netflix Service

    Another feather in the 3DS's cap

    While free video content have started being rolled out to Japanese and European 3DS users, the subscription-based Netflix streaming service has launched on the North American Nintendo eShop, allowing existing Netflix members on the $7.99 price plan and upwards to stream content onto their 3DS consoles. In Nintendo's press release, an interesting nugget of..


  • News Capcom Announces Live Action Ace Attorney Movie

    Wait until you see Edgeworth

    Japan's appetite for all things Ace Attorney continues, as Capcom and director Takashi Miike announce a joint project to bring the offbeat detective series to the silver screen. The appointment of Miike as director is an interesting choice, as his past work spans everything from Yatterman to the severely gory Ichi the Killer. With Ace Attorney Investigations 2 not..


  • News Netflix Heading to 3DS in Summer 2011

    Movies on the go

    Wii received Netflix support some time ago, and both Nintendo and Netflix are obviously keen on the two firms working together again as Satoru Iwata has just announced the video streaming service is coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer. All users with an unlimited plan for $7.99 a month or above will be able to stream movies and TV shows straight to their 3DS consoles through any..


  • Interviews Doctor Kong Director Alexis Neophytides

    We catch up with Alexis and Hank at the film's Brooklyn premiere

    The saga over high scores in Donkey Kong is no longer a tale of two dudes. While most of us came to know the world of modern day Donkey Kongers through the epic rivalry between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchelll, it wasn't long before a third player emerged out of left field. Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon from New York, shattered both of..


  • News Iwata: More Developers Interested in 3DS Than Were Into DS

    Strong third-party support boasted again

    3DS already has the support of major third-party publishers including Ubisoft, EA, Sega, Capcom and plenty more, but Satoru Iwata has spelled out the level of commitment from overseas companies, saying the console has more support than the DS did before launch. To say the least, our overseas publishers are not taking a passive approach to Nintendo 3DS at..


  • News Brush Up on Your Super Mario Bros. Glitches, Tips and Tricks

    Nintendo gives a round-up of classic moments

    Some of these Super Mario Bros. glitches will be familiar to experienced gamers, but some might reveal hitherto unknown secrets about the little plumber's big adventure. Witness a tiny Mario using the Fire Flower, Koopa Troopas walking in mid-air and plenty of other little oddities that may shed new light on a title we all know inside and out.


  • News Super Mario Bros. Movie Re-released on DVD, Spot the Difference

    Clue: it's not the quality of the film

    Feel like your DVD collection is missing something, but you're not sure what? Here's the answer: the newly re-released Super Mario Bros. Movie, available once again in glorious DVD-o-vision. First released on DVD back in 2003, the disc contained no extra features so surely a re-release would sort that, particularly considering the abundance of archive..


  • News Lovefilm Streaming Heading to Wii

    Just as well, as it doesn't play DVDs

    European film fans will probably be familiar with Lovefilm, an online DVD and game rental service with some 1.4 million members across Europe. Primarily built on discs and web-based viewing, the service has now signed an agreement with Widevine to allow Wii owners a chance to watch movies online through their...


  • News Manga to Release Professor Layton Film in the UK

    Perhaps the Professor can crack the code for a good game movie

    The only thing worse than a video game based on a movie is a movie based on a video game, right? Sure, some are so bad they're good, but in our opinion, there really hasn't been a true high-quality game-to-film adaptation to date. Perhaps, though, just perhaps, someone may have solved the cinematic adaptation puzzle. Professor Layton,..


  • News Harold Ramis Glad He Turned Down Mario Movie

    Ghostbusters star almost ruined his career with unwanted live-action film

    Hollywood writer-director (and sometimes actor) Harold Ramis has enjoyed a particularly successful career; not only did he land the role of paranormal investigator Dr. Egon Spengler in the hit '80s flick Ghostbusters (which he also co-wrote), he has directed such classics as...


  • News Castlevania Movie Bites The Dust

    The Belmont's Hollywood debut is cancelled

    Although Hollywood's track record with video game adaptations has been less than impressive over the years (see Super Mario Bros. for proof) we have to admit we were a little excited about Paul W. S. Anderson's proposed Castlevania movie. Announced back in 2005, the film was due to begin production in 2006...

  • News NSFW: Manhunt 2 Wishes It Was This Hardcore

    Tokyo Gore Police has the bloodiest Wii cameo yet

    I watched Tokyo Gore Police last night via Netflix after having it sit on my desk for about two weeks. Or rather, I should say tried to watch it, as I shut it off about halfway through after a particularly nasty appendage-removal scene. For those that don't know about the movie, it's a Japanese Troma-style gorefest about bio-enhanced bad guys and..


  • News Netflix coming to Wii?

    Customer survey proposes video-on-demand service for Nintendo's little white box

    A recent customer survey from online DVD vendors Netflix suggests that the company may be expanding their service to Nintendo Wii owners in the future. The subscription-based service, available to Xbox 360 owners since late November, would "offer its members the ability to watch movies & TV episodes instantly..


  • News Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Craving Resident Evil, bored of waiting for Resident Evil 5? Sony & Capcom give you the latest injection to the franchise, CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration

    A zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who fought the sinister Umbrella Corporation during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back. In high-octane Resident Evil style, they're ready..


  • Movie Review The Wizard (1989)

    Forget all you've been told. This film kicks all kinds of ass

    In a world where everyone seems to have an opinion and they’re all too happy to force it upon others, it’s worth remembering that when judging something (be it a book, film or videogame) it all depends on your connection with that particular piece of media. For example, watching a...

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