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  • Matters Of Import Survival Horror In A Sweet Home

    Warning: Home not as sweet as advertised

    Videogames made to tie in with movies have never been anything new, not even way back in 1989 when Capcom’s adaptation of Japanese horror movie Sweet Home hit the Famicom. What sets Sweet Home apart from the usual licensed fare is that not only does it vaguely resemble the material it’s based on, but...

  • News Fans Plan a Revival of Mega Man Legends 3

    Of course...

    Those that were there at the beginning of the 3DS era, in Spring 2011, may remember the buzz around Mega Man Legends 3, the series exclusive from Capcom. It was hyped as a coup for the system, though Capcom was getting cold feet as 3DS sales initially struggled and, in all likelihood, had doubts regardless of hardware performance. We...

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    Wii U eShop / SNES

    Review Street Fighter Alpha 2

    Akuma Matata

    Street Fighter II casts an indelibly long shadow over the rest of Capcom's fighting games from the 1990s. First launched in 1991, SFII in all its Super and Turbo varieties has become synonymous with the Street Fighter franchise, a cultural touchstone the series wasn't truly able to move past until the launch of the successful Street...

  • Video Capcom's Mega May Spotlight Shows Off The 3DS Virtual Console Mega Man Releases

    See what's on offer

    If you happen to be a Mega Man fan with a 3DS in North America, then May has potentially been your favourite gaming month in some time. Capcom has been running its Mega May event, which has basically meant releasing the various Game Boy series entries to the Virtual Console, with a couple of Game Boy Color titles thrown in. It's...

  • News Gargoyle's Quest II Swoops Onto the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan

    3DS or Wii U is fine in the West, really...

    So, Gargoyle's Quest II may be on its way to the Virtual Console in the West, perhaps. Up to now we've seen the NES version arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan, while it's been rated by the Australian Classification Board — it's on the cards, then. This sequel — a prequel in terms of the plot...

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    3DS eShop / GB

    Review Mega Man III

    Third time's the charm

    After the fun but flawed Dr. Wily's Revenge and the almost thoroughly disappointing Mega Man II on Game Boy, Capcom made a serious and substantial course correction. The result is Mega Man III, and we couldn't be happier about that. Retaining the template from Dr. Wily's Revenge (two sets of Robot Masters, a new Mega Man...

  • News Capcom Hails "Explosive Popularity" of Monster Hunter 4

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies target "basically achieved"

    It's no secret that Monster Hunter 4 has been a substantial success for Capcom, blowing away initial projections and now challenging for the crown of best-selling title in the franchise; it's sold 4.1 million copies in Japan alone, as of 31st March. In its financial results...

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    3DS eShop / GBC

    Review Mega Man Xtreme

    Xtreme Mediocrity

    Mega Man X is often touted as one of the best games the SNES had to offer, which is certainly saying something. Its first sequel is further from consensus, but it's still safe to say that it's a great followup to its predecessor. If you've played either of these games — and, if you haven't, stop reading right now and do that —...


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