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Magic Destiny - Astrological Games Review

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Reach for the stars

Astrology has been around for a very long time now. With records of its existence dating all the way back to 5,000 years ago, it comprises a group of methods and systems examining the relative positions of astronomical objects to provide information about an individual's personality as well as make predictions about their future. There are many different ways this is done, most popularly through horoscopes, tarot cards and biorhythms, and it still has a large number of followers to this day. Now comes Shanblue Interactive's Magic Destiny – Astrological Games, offering a selection of astrology-related mini-games, predictions and a large encyclopaedia, and they pull it off fairly decently.

Once you start up Magic Destiny, you're given the option to create up to four profiles and set names and birthdays to each – a necessity considering there's a lot of importance surrounding these here. The game's encyclopaedia teaches you about a wide range of different systems used in astrology as well as the occult, ranging from more famous examples like crystals, horoscopes and numerology to lesser known ones such as Natal Charts & Colour Therapy. The Encyclopaedia describes each of them in very fine, extensive detail, making this an excellent choice for anyone interested in educating themselves better on the subject.

Predications play a very large part in astrology and, as such, are featured here. The game allows you the option to predict your future including aspects of your life like work and health. There are six different methods available: virtual representations of tarot card readings, horoscopes, chiromancy, numerology, magic conch shells and even classic fortune cookies to cater to those who are interested in, believe in or just want to have some fun with astrology, keeping things interesting over time by their variety.

Then we have the mini-games, all of which are, of course, based on elements of astrology. There are nine on offer in total, each of which contains its own local leaderboard. There's a wide range of mini-games available including a Whack-a-Mole-style amusement, a connect-three puzzle and even a game of Pairs (a.k.a. Memory) using Tarot cards. While they're fun at first and the leaderboards help add replay value, they won't hold your interest for long as they're rather bland gameplay-wise and just feel rather unoriginal.

Magic Destiny naturally utilises a graphical theme based on astrology and astronomical objects. While the visuals and soundtrack are nothing particularly special are at times a little bit bland, they still work rather well with the overall astrological tone of the game.


Magic Destiny is a great choice for those who believe in or are interested in astrology, with its large variety of fortune telling methods and its highly informative encyclopaedia. The mini-games, however, are worth a quick distraction at best as they're all quite bland and unoriginal. If you're interested in learning something about this system of beliefs you need look no further than this package, but everyone looking for a good set of games should give this one a miss.

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NintyMan said:

A fair review. I do want to learn more about astrology, so I'll see if I can download this somewhere down the road.



Majora said:

Download My Starry Night / My Planetarium instead: that is really educational.



accc said:

Astrology is based on an extremely archaic and outdated view of our existence, and currently exists only to make money off of people. It's also been scientifically proven that there is absolutely no correlation between when you were born and what type of person you are.



Wolfenstein83 said:

When I read the title for the game I was afraid it might have been a remake of "Taboo: The Sixth Sense" from the NES.



Omega said:

Can I contact spirits of the dead or summon demons with this game? I missed these features in the Fortune Telling Channel.



MrAndrewJ said:

I am an enthusiast of - although by no means a "believer" in - tarot. I'm curious to know the details of what the game offers in that regard. Are there different spreads? Just one deck of cards? (I use them for a writing aid.)



TheBlackCat said:

I'm still waiting for that wiiware phrenology game to come out. I have this one bump on the top of my head, and I am not sure what it means. I'm guessing "carelessness" but I'm not sure.

I still don't understand what numerology, tarot, and palmistry have to do with astrology, besides the fact that they all depend on blind chance.



Demonic_St33V said:

Hunh... After reading the review, I think I actually have some friends who would love something like this for their kids.

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