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Posted by Caleb Rumley

Elite Beat Agents are GOO!!! -Commander Kahn Tap, slide, and spin your way through awesome songs in this interactive rhythm action game for the DS!

Elite Beat Agents are GO!

Elite Beat Agents is unique, to say the least. It’s a rhythm action game, and the closest comparison would be to the PS1 classic Parappa the Rappa. You only use the stylus the entire game and you tap different beat pads on the bottom screen. It’s like playing drums for popular songs like “Walkie Talkie Man” and “You’re the Inspiration”. My personal favorite is “YMCA”, which is always a stylus-tapping good time.

Who are these Elite Beat Agents? Instead of agents who shoot people, these Elite Beat Agents rescue those in trouble… by dancing. For example, one story has a fisherman who is constantly searching for treasures that he never finds. After being mutinied off of his trusty tugboat, the Elite Beat Agents are called in to help the crusty sailor. Best of all, these crazy stores are all shown with anime characters and in a manga format. Through the powers of dancing and the spreading of good cheer, the Agents are sure to save the day!

So by now it’s apparent that this game has a crazy story with off the wall characters. But how are the key points of the game: graphics, sound, and gameplay? Since the game is based on music, the sound should be spot on. And it is. Especially with songs like Walkie Talkie Man, you can hardly tell the difference between the original and the cover. That said, all songs in EBA are covers of the original, but they sound good enough for me. True audiophiles might question the quality of these 20 or so songs, but I found it acceptable.

Tapping through the songs is an enjoyable experience. If you want to give it a go, head over to any EB Games (if your in the US) and put your DS into Download Play to get the demo. The songs match the beats well, but you also have to slide and spin the stylus, all to the beat. By dragging your stylus throughout the screen, you really feel like you’re playing a drum set, and it’s really fun!

Now, some developers really skimp on the graphics, but not iNiS, who included hilarious manga-style comics throughout every song. A 3D world map is a great addition as well, and the character models are impressive. iNiS succeeded in really pushing the graphics to the breaking point on the DS.

EBA is a true gem of a game. But it has its downfalls. For example, there are no practice modes, and the later songs get really, REALLY difficult. A mode where you could slow down the song and practice some sections repeatedly would be appreciated. And the game really does get difficult, but more practice always rewards you with higher and higher scores (as well as great bonus stages).

In conclusion, Elite Beat Agents is the kind of game that gets high reviews, and some people really love. But when push hits shove, in today’s video game market, originality doesn’t really result in great sales. But go out and buy Elite Beat Agents right away. It’s just that good.

The crazy stories and great songs make EBA one of the most innovative and enjoyable DS games out right now, I strongly suggest it to anyone with a DS.

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Elite Beat Agents is one of the most innovative and enjoyable games I've played for the DS. It's an excellent title that anyone should go out of their way to purchase.

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Nanaki said:

Personally I think EBA was nowhere near as good as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (it's Japanese counterpart).



James2t3 said:

Yeah the japanese version was a but more fun and wacky but i still really enjoyed this.
This game had a few nice extras in the package aswell with saving replays and a better multiplayer mode aswell so it gains points there.



Objection said:

My friend has all 3 games (including the Japanese ones.) FOr those who don't know, EBA is NOT the same game. Its like the English remake...sorta. I plan on picking this up today.



Objection said:

I now have this! It just so happened to get me to exactly 600 Club Nintendo points so it's even more awesome in my book! I'm stuck on the 2nd UFO level though...



WaveGhoul said:

It's a great and an amazingly innovative game, but it's horrible soundtrack aside from a few songs can destroy the experience. Crap from Avril Lavene, sum 41 and Good Charllotte, PUKE* I wish a had the original Japanese version!



Colors said:

Has anybody noticed the "To Be Continued" at the end of the game? That could be a teaser for a sequel



Carnuss said:

Although I've found other rhythm games unfortunately not appealing for me (such as Rhythm Heaven or Beat City), this one has excellent manga-style graphics, a brilliant background organization and even the theme songs and voice actings are great. True classic.

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