Launching tomorrow on Nintendo Switch is Shadows 2: Perfidia, a survival horror game which offers a "unique mental health system".

Inspired by games like Penumbra and Layers of Fear, Shadows 2: Perfidia has players exploring a darkened office complex to uncover the truth behind a series of horrifying events. You'll play as one of two characters with their own individual storylines, monster encounters, and gameplay challenges, and will need to escape from a setting which is said to "scarier, harder, and more twisted" as you go on.

Keeping things realistic, you'll have to keep an eye on your character's mental wellbeing as you play. If you witness too many horrors, your mind will begin to unravel, and it's up to you to fight against the issue by shutting your eyes for a quick break or guzzling an energy drink in an attempt to stay alert. We've got a few screenshots for you below.

As noted above, the game releases tomorrow and will be available for $7.99 / £7.19. It's had 'very positive' user reviews on Steam since it launched on the platform back in 2017.

Do you like the sound of this one? Will you be giving it a go? Let us know with a comment below.