Damsel, a vampire-slaying arcade platformer from indie dev Screwtape Studios, will be launching on Switch early next month. You can now pre-purchase the game directly from the Switch eShop.

The game features 75 "action-packed" missions and a comic book story that follows Special Agent Damsel as she investigates the vampire-owned Red Mist Beverage Corporation (who appear to be up to no good). You can see some of the platforming and shooting action in the trailer above, and we've got an official description and feature list for you below.

Cause distress in Damsel, a challenging, fast-paced, arcade platformer. Experience a dark cartoon world come to life as frenetic action gameplay meets comic book visuals and storytelling. Dash through beautiful arenas vanquishing vampires, rescuing hostages, disarming bombs, and much more.


- Classic Arcade Vibe: Bite sized gameplay that’ll make you say “Just one more go” (although you said that a few tries ago…)
- Comic Book Campaign Learn the secrets of Red Mist and put a stop to their evil plans.
- Competitive Arcade Leaderboards: Master your abilities by perfecting your runs and become the top agent.
- Chill Out Time: Chillout mode lets you take the edge off and enjoy the game without worrying about pesky things like dying.
- Extra challenge modes: For the discerning slayer, take the difficulty up a notch! Pumping Synth Sountrack - Gothic grooves to slay to!

The game launches on 7th August, but if you do choose to pre-purchase it you'll be able to get it at 15% off.

Will you be giving this one a go? Tell us below.