Move over Mario, clear the crowd Crash - there's a new karting kid in town. The seven-year-old star of the incredibly popular Youtube series Ryan ToysReview has his very own kart racer coming to Switch on November 1st.

Ryan has over 27 million subscribers and his channels pull in a combined one billion views every month. Yes, a billion. With an audience that large, it's little wonder that he's making the move into games. Race With Ryan, developed by 3DClouds, will give you the chance to race as Ryan and friends through various colourful worlds. It'll also feature four-player split screen multiplayer, and as you can see from the trailer above and the box art below, there's absolutely no shortage of colour and energy.

Here are some of the highlighted features from the official blurb:

- Race for victory across the colorful world of YouTube sensation, Ryan
- Challenge yourself in Career mode or race with friends in split-screen play
- Simple racing controls, auto-acceleration, auto-steering and tutorial mean everyone can play
- Unlock more than 20 Ryan’s World toy characters and vehicles including Moe, Gus, Alpha Lexa, Peck and Ryan himself!
- Speed around 6 magical locations including The Toy Shop, Fantasy Park, Wild West and Spooky Land

Whether this will have the chops to pull up alongside the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the recently released Crash Team Racing or the other racers on Switch is another question, but the game's certainly aiming for a similar family-friendly audience and Switch would seem to be a good fit for Ryan and his legion of fans.

Most notably here at Nintendo Life, the announcement has given us the chance to put our incredible photoshop skills to use and paste our very own Ryan Craddock onto the box:

One of these is more official than the other...
One of these is more official than the other...

Are you familiar with this pint-sized YouTube phenomenon? Do you think he's got what it takes to compete with the Marios and Crashes of the karting world? Let us know below.