A handful of hours ago, we shared news from Nintendo of America which stated that the Tetris Maximus Cup was returning for another round, this time with new rules.

Now, Nintendo of Europe has also confirmed that the Tetris 99 Grand Prix (a similar event to North America's Maximus Cup) is also coming back. This second Grand Prix has adopted the new rules from the second North American event, but this tweet below explains the rules a little more clearly.

That's right, securing a top 80 place will reward you with points (with the number of points growing the higher you place). Every time you score 100 points, you'll get another shot at being one of the lucky so-and-sos to walk away with 999 Gold Points to spend on the eShop. Finally we don't have to spend all day hoping for just one victory!

Will you be taking part? Do you like the sound of the new rules? Let us know below.

[via twitter.com]