Coming from Wild Rooster (helmed by the wonderfully named Rusty Moyher, the one-man developer behind Astro Duel), action roguelike platformer Dig Dog will arrive on Switch this Friday 26th April.

From a very simple premise (you're a dog, and you're searching for bones), the game features two modes: Bone Hunt, a roguelike hunt for bones across four randomly generated worlds, and Free Dig, a chilled-out 'endless digging experience' that takes you though 'infinite' procedurally-generated levels with no deaths while saving your progress.

It uses only the control stick and one button enabling you to run, jump, stomp, dash and (obviously) dig. According to the official blurb, the gameplay includes the following:

• Forge your own path as you creatively tunnel through each level.
Travel to new worlds! Uncover stranger and more dangerous environments.
• Hunt for bones and treasure as you dive deeper.
• Discover shops and buy items, but don't get too greedy!
• Keep sniffing out bones to unlock a variety of color themes.
• A thumpin’ 8-bit soundtrack you’ll surely dig.

Perhaps most interestingly, this game was programmed and drawn without the use of the developer's hands. According to the developer, a repetitive strain injury meant Dig Dog was programmed using a microphone and speech recognition software while the art was created using 'a hat with a reflector combined with an infrared camera to control the mouse'.

Making the art with a hat might have been fun, but programming an entire game by voice must have been a grind. With its retro-stylings and control simplicity, Dig Dog looks to be a diverting little game for the weekend - you'll be able to check out the results on the eShop this Friday for the princely sum of £2.99/$3.99.

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