VOEZ, the rhythm game from Rayark Inc., has received an update with 16 new songs added to its already substantial catalogue. These tracks and the ones added previously now take the total number to a whopping 201 by our count. Below is the full list of additions in version 1.6:

  • energy by yourmythos
  • Race is on by Paul Bazooka
  • Snow by Night Keepers
  • Angel Wing by uma
  • Mont Blanc by Night Keepers
  • My Real Eden by The SxPLAY
  • Festival Lights by Mr. Fantastic
  • MOTHER by The SxPLAY
  • Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness- by Fig
  • One Happy Thing a Day by Night Keepers
  • Hai Dian Nun Lu No.36 by The SxPLAY
  • Running out of Life by Alpha Legion
  • Road by Night Keepers
  • For Kimini Okuru Uta by The SxPLAY
  • Take That Ticket by The SxPLAY
  • Give by Night Keepers

Remember, all of these are free to download if you own the game.

We were fans when it released back with the Switch itself in March 2017; "VOEZ is a beautiful rhythm game with a generous supply of songs and gorgeous artwork that makes you want to keep going back for more. The rhythm gameplay feels accurate and fits the songs nicely for the most part, particularly in harder difficulties, with a nicely designed learning curve to allow players to get into the swing of things."

It's great to see all the added value and support the base game continues to receive nearly two year on from launch. There's even a demo available if you're on the fence - you can't say fairer than that.

Still playing VOEZ? How do the new tracks compare? Drop us a line in the comments.