NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 has received another new update today, introducing a new batch of holiday-themed content for players to enjoy.

This latest update, which has become available today on all platforms, aims to get you into the festive holiday spirit with a frosty new Christmas playground, brand new festive vanity items, and a lovely gift of 35 new players. Amongst those included are legendary ballers from the classic '90s NBA era such as Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman.

Make sure to check out the trailer above if you haven't already, and take a closer look with these screenshots we've gathered for you below.

2K also treated players to a free batch of Halloween-themed content in October, bringing a number of improvements and balance changes with it.

Have you been playing the game regularly since it launched earlier this year? Are you still on the fence about picking it up? Tell us below.