Malkyrs The Interactive Card Game Nintendo Switch 20181205

Malkyrs: The Interactive Card Game is a virtual trading card game complete with customisable physical cards, and it's headed to Nintendo Switch next year.

Thanks to the NFC technology built into the Switch's Joy-Con (the same tech used for scanning your amiibo) these physical cards can be played by placing them on your controller, with the full game reacting on screen as you do so. The game itself is a narrative-driven affair as well as a competitive card game for one to two players - each player can use weapons, magic, and tricks in an attempt to escape the game's fictional island - and each copy comes with an initial set of 262 cards.

The game has just seen a Kickstarter campaign be launched, with its target being smashed in just a few hours. A Switch version has already been secured thanks to this funding and you can learn all about the game (as well as support the project) via its campaign link.

If you want to see it in action, make sure to check out the video below. It starts with a cinematic opening to show off some of the lore behind the game's world, before explaining how everything works and what's included.

With cross-platform play and trading features also available, this one looks like it could be a real winner when it arrives next year. The game is scheduled to launch on Switch in Q3 2019.

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