"What would you do if today is your last day to live?" That's the question posed by Rage in Peace, an action-adventure platformer arriving on Switch in just a couple of weeks' time.

You'll be playing as Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27-year-old actuary who arrives at his office to discover that he will die - by having his head chopped off, no less - on this particular day. Now that really is a bad day at the office. Unfortunately, Timmy receives no details on when, where, or what will kill him and the grim reaper, who bears the news, offers a hand to help him cheat his death so that he can fulfil his one and only dream of dying peacefully in his pyjamas.

Doing this won't be easy, however, as Timmy needs to avoid all of the many deadly traps and obstacles that mysteriously appear to prevent him from completing his task. You'll need to memorise trap layouts and have an awful lot of patience to be successful in this one, with just a jump and a double jump standing between you and certain death.

The game is described as "an extraordinarily deep rage game", with its multiple deaths making you want to throw your Switch across the room every time you fail, while also making you reflect on the very meaning of life as you play. We've gathered a list of game features and a second trailer for you below.

- A test of your memorization skill; Many “surprises” awaits as you go forward
- Beautiful, deep story about life, death, and acceptance that you would not want to miss
- Colourful, comical setting that will entertain you as death comes every few seconds
- Ear pleasing songs created in collaboration with various indie bands that will accompany your journey with Timmy

Rage in Peace launches on Nintendo Switch on 8th November. Will you be checking this one out?