It is curious timing for Nintendo to release a video demonstrating how you can transfer user accounts and save data from one Nintendo Switch to another, but perhaps the tempting nature of the Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle with it's luscious red Joy-Con expedited the need for such a tutorial. After all, the video above does show boring grey Joy-Con the left and a Switch with the lovely new red ones on the right. Coincidence? We think not.

In summary the whole process seems to be rather straightforward:

  • Update both Switch units to v4.00 firmware (or higher)
  • Select 'System Settings' menu on both consoles. Then go to the 'Users' menu.
  • Select 'Transfer Your User and Save Data' on both consoles.
  • Select 'Source Console' and 'Target Console' as required.
  • Sign into each user account on both consoles which you wish to transfer data from

Of course, when a user account is transferred to the new console, that content will no longer be accessible on the original Switch console. Once the user account is transferred over, you can easily download all your games from the Switch eShop.

Unfortunately, screenshots and videos from the source system will not be transferred, but we guess it is just a matter of taking out your MicroSD card and putting it into the new console to sort this out.

Let us know if you plan to make use of this functionality any time soon. Is your launch Switch beginning to look a bit battered?