Sun and Moon.jpg

Pokémon Sun and Moon are undoubtedly the biggest hits coming to Nintendo hardware in the Holiday season, and there seems to be substantial hype around the dual release. Nintendo is making big claims about them being the biggest pre-selling games in the company's history, which shows how much appetite there is for a new generation of Pokémon.

Many of you likely have pre-orders down already for retail copies, but download fans among you can get in on the act; don't forget, too, that it's the quickest way to start playing when the game launches.

Pre-Load is now available for both versions on the 3DS eShop in North America, PAL territories and Japan, which means you can download the bulk of the games ahead of time and then simply trigger a very small activation download when they launch. The download, as previously reported, is one of the biggest we've seen for a 3DS retail game, clocking in at around 3.2GB. You do also get 12 Quick Balls as a gift for pre-purchasing on the eShop.

Are any of you going to preload this ahead of the full release later in the month?