The shopping madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ends soon to be replaced by the vagaries of Christmas shopping. Yep, it's all one big spending bonanza.

The themed occasions like Cyber Monday can throw up some decent deals, however, and what started out as an article pointing out a tasty Wii U bundle discount in the UK has morphed into another list. Below are some of the better deals we've seen out there that are running today, though we plan to scout around and add to the list as the day wears on.

The links will take you to the external retailer page, so if you click on them after today - 30th November - then you'll naturally see higher prices. With that said, let's get to it.

Hardware Deals

Wii U Hardware

3DS Hardware

Game Deals

3DS Games

Wii U Games

Found a deal we don't have? Tell us about it so we can add it!

Any tempting deals there, or are you holding off for now? Let us know.