417 Pachirisu

For those that dream of being a world champion Pokémon player, opportunities to qualify for the finals in the US - the finale this year will be in Boston, Massachusetts in August - are running out. Players that enter the UK National Championships in the hope of winning a ticket to the finals will also, however, have an extra treat in store.

The UK event, in the video game category and the Trading Card Game competition, is taking place at EventCity in Manchester on 30-31st May; it's free-to-enter, though players will need a free Pokémon ID. Those in the video game category naturally need a 3DS and a copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Everyone that attends can grab a level 50 Pichirisu, too, to celebrate the 'mon's vital role in the world finals victory of Se Jun Park in 2014. Legal for use in tournaments, it's packing the following abilities.

The Level 50 Pokémon offered in this distribution has the moves Nuzzle, Follow Me, Super Fang, and Protect, and the Hidden Ability Volt Absorb.

You can check out full details on the official website. Are you planning to enter the UK National Championships?