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Video: Watch Us Rigorously Test Hyperkin's New RetroN 5 Superconsole

Posted by Damien McFerran

Direct-feed footage, UI details and more

Hyperkin's much-delayed and highly-anticipated RetroN 5 console finally ships this week, and we've kindly been sent a review unit which we're currently putting through its paces. To tide you over until the review appears, we've put together a video which shows direct-feed footage captured from the system itself in glorious HD.

During the test, we used a variety of games covering the formats supported by the RetroN 5. The video also shows some of the RetroN 5's user interface, which allows you to select save states, tinker with image filters and give the audio additional bass and treble.

Have a look at the video and let us know if this has convinced you to buy a RetroN 5, or if it has made the wait for your existing pre-order even more unbearable.

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User Comments (22)



Shiryu said:

Will wait that thing to hit Europe, but for now the Retro Bit Trio will have to do.



AlexOlney said:

Noticed some distinct audio lag on the Starwing bit - is that just the video or is it the console playing up?



Handy_Man said:

I've preordered my RetroN 5 back in September... needless to say, I'm ecstatic that it's finally here.



Ren said:

wow this is really cool. I've been getting pretty disillusioned with every one of the newer systems and I think this is exactly what I need. Clients are going to love it on the work projector too.



unrandomsam said:

I am not interested it is still using emulators (I bet it is not even using the accuracy bsnes profile either).

I would go for an FPGA based one or real hardware. (Like Analog Interactive did but support for all these systems).



Obito_Sigma said:

Hold on, I have a few questions. Does it allow for NA and PAL NES, SNES, GBA, and Genesis (Mega Drive) games? Also, could it also run Japanese Genesis, GBA, and Super Famicon games? And what about Game Boy and Game Boy Color, or are those region-locked either?



AyeHaley said:

i lost most of my legacy consoles so this is a must buy for me. Pretty awesome machine!



Damo said:

@AlexOlney That seems to be YouTube's fault, the video was edited using YouTube's editing system, and the source Star Fox clip has perfect audio. On this edited version, the audio seems to be ahead of the footage. Annoying!



tanookisuit said:

Were you planning to do a better second video covering the various more possibly questionable things to run? I'm talking like the MMC5 chip(Koei and CV3), VRC2-6 from Konami on Famicom, SDD1(SFA2 SNES), SA1(Mario RPG/Kirby), FX2(Doom and Yoshi's Island) and some other screwy famicom exotics or even Virtua Racing on Genesis? I know that multicarts, bootlegs being called repros, and homebrew can be sketchy but that's so niche.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Just found out that my girlfriend has been planning on getting me this for the last year. My 33rd birthday is June 19th, but at $140 I don't know if she'll be able to swing it. I guess we'll see. My classic systems (even my GCN) look pretty crappy on my 50" tv.



SwerdMurd said:

^gamecubes look passable on legit 1080p-era TVs via S-video (if your TV supports em anymore) - similarly decent through Wii via component video. But yeah, agreed.



dok5555555 said:

I wish Nintendo would release Star Fox on the Virtual Console. Never got a chance to play it.



Nintonic said:

I can see it now! The future all-disc-playing videogame console, including but not limited to playing all Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Gamecube, PC, games. Including all old and new generations of each. Controllers not included.



Osiris11235 said:

I'd definitely like a written review! It can be a transcript of what you said in your video! Some people like to use their computer without sound...



SilentS said:

Glad I kept all my old games for every system I had. At least I have a 100+ game library for it when I finally do get the system. Time to hit up the pawnshops now for the cheap games I dont have!

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