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Sokomania 2: Cool Job Pushes Its Way Into North America on 8th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

DSiWare lives on

DSiWare will never end. Or so it seems. Prolific developer and publisher Cinemax is bringing another title to the platform, though has stated that it'll be the last entry before it moves onto 3DS eShop releases. Arriving this week in North America is Sokomania 2: Cool Job, a box pushing puzzle sequel that'll cost just 200 Nintendo Points.

In the spirit of the popular Sokoban puzzles, you push boxes to their end points and overcome various obstacles; over 100 levels are promised that will range from easy beginner tasks to brain-bending challenges. There'll be an ability to rewind time if you get stuck, while scores can be uploaded to leaderboards at If you like the box-pushing puzzles in retro Zelda titles, this should be right up your alley.

We'll see very soon whether this is worth a final budget-priced fling on the DSi. Below is the trailer for you to see it in action.

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KeeperBvK said:

@JosieC84 "past", not "passed", and "two", not "too".
How difficult can it be? Typos are one thing (and they happen to everyone), but how can one mix up words this badly?



Pod said:

I'm a regular Sokoban maniac, to the point where I've beaten about 20 different iterations of the game over the years.

Latest one was Stephen Lavelle's hilarious (and tough as nails) Push Block Championship.


There're more DSi's out there than there are 3DS's. And whatever is released on DSiWare is available on the 3DS eShop too. They'd be pretty crazy to NOT allow people to release stuff on DSiWare if they really want to.

It's not like it's a hassle, when there's no physical distribution.



JosieC84 said:

@KeeperBvK LOL whoops! I was half asleep when I was typing it. Thanks for letting me know. It's true that I never past the 2nd level.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I downloaded Sokomania - dsiware when I still had my DSi system year's ago. I didn't like the dsiware game... I'll be skipping this title on thursday.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



AshFoxX said:

I never knew about this game, but after doing some research I found that the original game is WAY harder than this looks.

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