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Video: The Latest Nintendo Minute Is Concerned With Wrestling Mayors And The Andore Family Tree

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kit and Krysta take on Capcom's Final Fight

OK, so the Nintendo Minute series of videos rarely run for a single minute, but we'll forgive Kit and Krysta when they provide such fantastic content as this.

The latest instalment features Capcom's Final Fight, one of the most iconic side-scrolling brawlers in the history of video games.

As you might expect, the pair get to grips with the SNES port of the game — which would explain why they have to take turns and there's no Guy — but this aside, it's over ten minutes of footage that is well worth watching if you're after an introduction to the title.

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DreamOn said:

That was probably the best video they have made. Normally I can't watch them because the conversations always feel overly contrived because of it being company PR



Genesaur said:

Interesting. I figured they'd always just do videos on the newest stuff from Nintendo. Nice to see them going over some clasics, too. Even so, it gets hard to keep watching, because, again, I'm spoiled by the swear-laden antics of Game Grumps and get confused when no one yells or says something ridiculous after a frustrating encounter with one of those thugs who constantly creeps out of reach.



bezerker99 said:

Final Fight is really fun! I used to have the SNES cart but lost it at some point over the years. This video certainly makes me want to download the game onto my Wii U.



Gameday said:

Double Dragon ll , Streets of Rage 2 & 3 i love those. Some reason i was never really hooked on Final Fight unfortunately, but id play in Arcade when i could !

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