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Nintendo of Europe Launches Voice to Victory Wii Karaoke U Contest

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sing like you're winning

Just recently we pointed you to a tease from Nintendo of Europe about an upcoming Wii Karaoke U contest, and details have now been revealed. It's the real deal, in the sense that eShop cash prizes are up for grabs.

Called Voice to Victory, it now has a special Miiverse community, and tasks you with singing your heart out and posting your In-Depth Rating Overall Score screenshot to that community up until 5th May. You can enter as many times as you like to go for a top score, with the following prizes on offer.

1st Prize: €100 / £80 in Nintendo eShop funds
2nd Prize: €50 / £40 in Nintendo eShop funds
3rd Prize: €20 / £20 in Nintendo eShop funds

There's also an extra part of the competition, in which you can post your score and an answer to the following question — "What does karaoke mean to you?'". Three answers will be picked and will each receive eShop prizes worth €20 / £20.

You can check out the official competition page for terms and conditions, and follow the contest's progress on the Miiverse community. Will any of you European singers be taking part?

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Yoshi said:

Neat....but I don't live in Europe. And the last contest we had, Nintendo cheaped out because of "cheaters".



0utburst said:

Wait wait wait. There's scoring now? I only played it with my 1 hour (or day) trial last Christmas and there were no rating/scoring. Now I feel stupid posting it doesn't have one on the article yesterday. -.-



Gerbwmu said:

I would like to see this in North America. Could be fun every few drunken nights.



DrkBndr said:

@outburst There always was scoring to begin with.
You just have to pick the right game mode. There is singing without scoring, with normal scoring and with an indepth scoring system.
I think the one without scoring is the default mode, which probably is the reason you didn't see your score.



GamerGleek47 said:

Nnooooo!! I need that First Prize! Those 100 can buy Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Kart 8!!
You better be working hard to bring this to America, NOA. I'm dissapointed this isn't available yet -.-



0utburst said:

Aha thanks. I was unable to find it back then. If that's the case then I may use my 7-day trial soon which I've been saving for summer/birthdays. Then I'd just buy a monthly pass later.



FineLerv said:

Does NintendoLife know why this game is not available in other regions and if there is any plan to bring it outside Europe? (Specifically to Australia)



Cobra said:

Like FineLerv, I'm left wondering when/if Australia will ever see this. No one has been able to answer this yet.

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