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Nintendo Recreates Super Mario 3D World Through Shadow Hand Puppetry

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shadow Play

Super Mario 3D World has finally arrived in Europe, with the outstanding 3D platformer gracing retail shelves today. After its North American release last week this is a culmination of a heavy marketing campaign, helped along by the fact it's a terrific game, to try and make it and the Wii U the must-have combination this Holiday season.

After all of the hard work at Nintendo's end it's taken a step back to relax, hiring hand shadow expert Drew Colby to take inspiration from the Shadow-Play Alley stage from the game — all in just 40 seconds. It's really an opportunity to wonder "how did he do that?", in truth.

Check it out below and let us know what you think, while you can see the level from the game in our raucous multiplayer video from earlier in November.

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StarDust4Ever said:

That's some sweet hand puppetry although me thinks there are some "enhancements" going on beyond what is possible with human hands.



WaveGhoul said:

Really? so how come you skipped Sunshine, Galaxy 1,2 and 3D Land?
I'm one of the few on here that finds the first Galaxy to be a little overrated, It started to feel like a chore and the less intuitive slower paced controls and gravity based gameplay kind of killed it for me. Mixed bag, really.



turnmebackwards said:

I've always been a 2D Mario fan Super Mario World on SNES being my most played & loved Mario game. I could never really get into Mario 64 as much & didn't like Sunshine on Gamecube. The Gamecube being my last Nintendo console until now the Wii U & the main reason I brought the Wii U was New Super Mario Bros. U which I loved & also really enjoyed the Luigi U game which came out couple months back. So thought it was time to give a 3D Mario game ago again played about a hour & it's great



WaveGhoul said:

Well, you've now got a back log of amazing wii games you need to catch up on. The Wii is my 2nd favorite console tied with the SNES(NES being number 1) phenomenal and criminally underrated console.

But yup, I was dipping in and out with Nintendo during the N64 & GCN era(not a big fan of the majority of 3D games using dual analog controls) I'm either straight up D-pad/retro controls or motion controls teathered to modern or traditional controls, there's no real inbetween, especially, when it comes to titles that require you to aim with an analog stick....I'm so over that after experiencing pointer controls. Plus, i find most 3D platformers to be a bore outside of Mario.



turnmebackwards said:

The main selling point of the Wii I found was the whole motion controls which never really interested me so Super Mario Galaxy games just got released unnoticed by me. I never owned a Wii but having the Wii U which has a Wii built into it I'll be looking into Super Mario Galaxy games at some point in time I'm sure.



element187 said:

@turnmebackwards the two galaxy games are easily the two top games of the last generation on any system... You certainly are in for a mind bending treat. Plus you'll get a kick out of throw back galaxy if the last 3D Mario you played was Mario 64

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