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Legend of the Lancer Bound for Kickstarter, Wii U Stretch Goal Planned

Posted by Martin Watts

Draws inspiration from Super Mario World and Mega Man X

Gorilla Press Games has announced that it will shortly commence a Kickstarter campaign for a new non-linear Metroidvania-styled game called Legend of the Lancer.

Currently planned for PC, the development studio is hoping to also bring the game to Wii U — provided a stretch goal is met, of course. The game will follow the adventures of protagonist Sam Drexel, a young chap on a quest to enter a master jousting tournament. Playing as Sam, players will explore a number of towns across the world of Umber and must compete in qualifiers in each town in order to reach the Legendary Tournament. Towns will contain a number of quests and items, and only by defeating a town's leader can Sam earn his entry into its qualifying tournament.

Legend of the Lancer's biggest selling point is found in its non-linear gameplay. Players are only required to complete three towns in order to reach the final tournament. However, by taking more paths and defeating multiple bosses, players are able to unlock a number of different endings. The game also draws inspiration from Super Mario World, in that its world map changes to reflect the player's progress. Developer Paul Emanuel gave an example of this, stating:

If you defeat the Beast that guards the tower, then it [the tower] will fall. If you defeat the Necromancer in the graveyard, then it will be covered in flowers and beauty.

Players will also be able to summon a horse during gameplay, which when used by the game's main character will turn into a biped horse — the inspiration here clearly being taken from Mega Man X's Ride Armor. The game sports both gameplay and visuals that are highly reminiscent of the SNES era.

The Kickstarter campaign for Legend of the Lancer commences on 11th October, and if you want to see the game make an appearance on Wii U then be sure to pledge some funds.

Many thanks to John Polson for the news tip!


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9th_Sage said:

Oh man. I've...spent a lot on Kickstarters recently, haha. There's been so many interesting ones (maybe I'm just passionate about games... somehow I feel like I can't help myself sometimes). I'll have to think about this one too.



Squiggle55 said:

I would really prefer games like this to make Wii U or other consoles their original goal instead of a stretch goal. I know that isn't always a feasible initial goal but I'm understandably hesitant to back something without a guarantee that I'll be able to even get it on a platform I have if the initial goal is met but not the stretch goal. Honestly I think Kickstarter needs to consider this problem and invent a solution. For instance, allow people to specify specific stretch goals that they are donating towards and refund the money if it isn't met. Then they could list two different running totals of donations at the top of the page, 1 for donations towards the original goal with no strings attached, and 1 for total donations including people that specified a specific stretch goal.



gojiguy said:

Depending on how the level plays out (I'd like something fun and action-y as opposed to explore-y) then I'll definitely back this one.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm not donating my hard earned doughnut dollars for a game that puts you in control of a bandana wearing Toon link who rides a robotic black(er white?) Stallion. Wait a minute, that sounds awesome!



Henmii said:

Nice screenshot! But what is a poke-ball doing in the bottom left corner?!



gorillapressg said:

Hi Squiggle55, this is Paul Emanuel from Gorilla Press Games. I really agree with everything that you have stated. When developing a project for multiple platforms it can be a challenge to cover the gambit.I understand your point, if you plan the project for a platform it should be within reason. Most of the time you will see Wii U stretch goals at $250,000 or $400,000, sometimes even more. With our project that is not the case. We are developing LOTL in Unity3d so we can easily port to other platforms. We already hold Unity 4 Pro License and Team Licenses. The only additional cost will be distribution fees to Unity themselves, so our costs will be much lower than most. We will have a stretch goal of $75,000 that will reach PS3 & Wii U platforms.

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