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Tue 8th Oct 2013

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gorillapressg commented on Legend of the Lancer Bound for Kickstarter, Wi...:

Hi Squiggle55, this is Paul Emanuel from Gorilla Press Games. I really agree with everything that you have stated. When developing a project for multiple platforms it can be a challenge to cover the gambit.I understand your point, if you plan the project for a platform it should be within reason. Most of the time you will see Wii U stretch goals at $250,000 or $400,000, sometimes even more. With our project that is not the case. We are developing LOTL in Unity3d so we can easily port to other platforms. We already hold Unity 4 Pro License and Team Licenses. The only additional cost will be distribution fees to Unity themselves, so our costs will be much lower than most. We will have a stretch goal of $75,000 that will reach PS3 & Wii U platforms.