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Ghostlight Now Shipping Devil Survivor 2 Pre-Orders To Customers

Posted by Andy Green

There are even a few spare copies left

Back in July, Ghostlight made the DS title Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 available for pre-order in Europe on its website and said it would sell the games if enough people reserved a copy.

Sure enough, there were plenty of eager gamers in Europe who did just that, despite the possibility of the enhanced port making it over from Japan at a later date, and the UK-based publisher confirmed it was in the process of getting everything in order.

Well the company has now said on its official blog that all pre-orders of Devil Survivor 2 made through the website have now been dispatched. Apparently some people have already received their copy in the post and are finally playing through the RPG, which was released in February last year in the US.

Ghostlight thanked everyone for their support during the scheme and said there's still a chance to pick up a copy of the Gold Edition by heading to the online store - it's priced at £24.99. You can also grab the double pack, which features Devil Survivor 2 and a copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked and is £49.98.

It's not known how many copies Ghostlight has spare, but it's likely that once they're sold they won't be returning.

Did you pre-order Devil Survivor 2? Perhaps you're one of the lucky few who has already received their copy. Let us know in the comment section below.


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Koapa said:

My pre-ordered copy is on his way to my 3DS. Yes, cant wait to play it (after I defeat Beldr).



marck13 said:

I helped make it happen and ordered the double pack (even though I never played or heard of the games before i read about it here). At that time I was also gonna play it on my wife's 3dsXL, now i got my own (early x-mas gift from her - happy me;).
PS: I'm from Switzerland and my order has not arrived yet (until thursday).



DinoHeli said:

I'm from Germany, and I'm still waiting for my copy.
A friend of mine got his copy yesterday, though.
Hope my copy just needs a little longer and didn't get lost on its way. :/

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