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German Rating For CastleStorm On Wii U Hints At Impending Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ready the siege engines

Zen Studios hinted that CastleStorm would be coming to Nintendo platforms some time ago, with Wii U and 3DS versions seemingly on the cards. That was last year, and since then the company has been very quiet about the game.

However, a recent listing for the Wii U version (along with PS3 and Vita editions) by German ratings board USK would suggest that things are now moving in the right direction.

Keen to get more answers, Nintendo Everything approached Zen armed with this fresh information, and was told:

Timing is always a challenge, however Nintendo fans will be enjoying more Zen Studios games this year.

Could we see CastleStorm on our Wii U consoles before 2014 rolls around? And where does this leave the 3DS version, which wasn't included in USK's ratings? Hopefully we'll know soon.

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Emblem said:

I'm glad i didnt pick this up on steam now, i've played it on 360 and its a great multi-player game. I can see this working well with the gamepad.



EaZy_T said:

I just saw a post ealier on miiverse by a Zen employee that hinted at a non-pinball Zen game coming to Wii U soon.



K1LLEGAL said:

Really fantastic game; I have it on Steam. I wonder if they will keep the online mode. Also, it will be interesting to see if the kids actually bother to support it on the Wii U.



Rafie said:

Guys/gals this game is super awesome. I have it on the 360 and it's TONS of fun. I can only imagine the wonders with the game pad.

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